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EmTechMIT 2013 and Climates of Yes

I recently competed in an international contest for a guest blogger slot at EmTechMIT 2013, a globally recognised showcase of emerging technologies. The event is held at MIT Media Lab on MIT’s campus in Cambridge, MA.

To make a long story short…I won, and spent last week at MIT remembering why I am so impassioned about innovation and climates of “yes” brimming with brilliance, hope, and a collaborative ship with no other interest beyond forward movement and visions to achieve and collectively thrive. To add to this exciting privilege, I won a Kindle Fire HD at the end of the event.

If you want a quick but comprehensice recap, view my blogs about Day 1 and Day 2 of EmTechMIT 2013 can be found below. A final blog summarising the entire experience will appear in the next few days at the Executive MIT blog space.

Day 1: http://executive.mit.edu/blog/2013/10/emtech-2013-day-one-futures-of-hope/

Day 2: http://executive.mit.edu/blog/2013/10/emtechmit-2013-day-2-not-all-genius-is-simplicity/

Finally, I encourage you to take a moment to view some of the uploaded videos from the programme. They are all wonderfully fascinating, but some of my current favourites include:

  • Smart Cities
  • Steve Case (AOL)
  • Craig Mundie
  • Ted Berger (Neuroengineering)
  • Ed Boyden (Neuroengineering)
  • John Dabiri
  • Leslie Dewan (nuclear reactor)
  • Kate Crawford was spot on (Big Data)
  • Angela Belcher

Enjoy - and my heartfelt thanks to Julie, D’lynne, and all the rock stars at MIT Sloan Executive Education!

Doña Keating is President and CEO of Professional Options, a prominent innovator in the leadership strategy, policy and management consulting industry which provides solutions for businesses, organisations and governmental agencies. She is also a principal in K2 Strategic Solutions, a partnership between Professional Options and Keating Consulting Service which has a combined 50 year history of providing information technology, policy, and management consulting. Keating’s latest book, “How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Nonprofit Hell”, offers pithy observations and solutions borne of decades of service on corporate and non profit boards and committees, advising them, or facilitating executive retreats.

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