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Does your house capture buyers' hearts and imaginations?

In any real estate market, but especially in today’s market, first impressions truly count. A house listed for sale needs to stand out among competing listings. Home staging, also known as real estate staging, can help to make a “home” into a house that is a sought-after property. Home staging isn’t interior design and it is not home decorating. Home staging is when a home’s best features are put forward to create a buyer-friendly environment. Selling a home is all about first impressions!

Staged properties focus buyers on the best elements of a house, not its contents. In a nutshell, staging can turn a house into a highly desirable, marketable product. In a slower real estate market, a home must be more memorable than others being offered at a similar price. The goal in selling…and staging is to make certain that your home is the one that gets an offer. By showing potential buyers what they want to see, you are creating an opportunity for success.

Often prospective buyers have a difficult time visualizing how they will live in a house, whether it is because of too many things in a space or the lack of any furnishings at all. When a house goes on the market, it becomes a commodity for sale. Many sellers find it difficult to detach themselves from their home and its memories and to realize that it is indeed a house competing with similar listings. It is difficult for most sellers to be objective and impartial, and to realize that a buyer does not want to see how they live in the house. The buyer needs to connect emotionally and envision how they will live in the property.

A professional home stager looks at a home in an unbiased manner and sees things that are in need of change. Home staging involves seeing the positives and negatives in a house and then focuses on the positives to enhance the best attributes of the house. Furniture and accessories are strategically placed to accentuate the home’s look and feel, maximize square footage and focus buyers on the house. Home staging neutralizes an owner’s taste and touches to appeal to the most buyers. A home stager will see a house through the buyers’ eyes. First impressions, from the outside in, are critical!

If the house is occupied while it is on the market, a home stager can work with the owner to rearrange and edit their current furnishings and accessories to best show the home. If the house is vacant, a home stager can assist with furnishing the property to make it appealing and welcoming. It is a proven fact that vacant homes usually stay on the market longer than ones that have been suitably furnished and accessorized. Many potential buyers need a “lived-in” feel to relate to when touring a home and a reason to linger as they envision themselves living there.

Contrary to what many people believe, home staging does not have to be expensive. Quite often, dramatic changes can be accomplished by simply rearranging or editing existing furniture and accessories and changing the paint color. If no additional furnishings need to be rented, the cost of a transformation will be for the stager’s time. Should furnishings need to be rented, a professional home stager will provide guidance to the seller for the best options for staging the home with furniture, props and accessories. A professional home stager is able to see the potential in a house and will achieve the best look, while doing so for a reasonable investment and a budget that works well for the seller.

First impressions! Does your house capture buyers’ hearts and imaginations?

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