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Management Consulting

Norma Dompier says her job is to "help people be more bold and have more courage to get through change." (Courtesy Photo)When companies are going through change, good or bad, the uncertainty can be scary. That’s where Norma Dompier of Gig Harbor-based RedBike International comes in: Her job is to help people through that change.

“I help people get through the scary stuff. Everybody hates change because it makes us feel stupid. I help people get through that and not feel stupid,” she says.

Dompier has seen major changes herself many times, starting with her first job in human resources. As an HR director, she had to create an employee transition plan when the company ended up closing. Her mission was to come up with a way of retaining people read more »

Management Consulting

RockFish Group Staff (Photo by Crystal-Photography.com)Kelle Kitchell-Cooper has done marketing and public relations work for nearly 20 years, including for Fortune 500 companies, but after a local project more than a year ago, she saw a need for comprehensive services for small businesses in the local area. So about a year ago, she launched the RockFish Group with the idea of bringing high-caliber local professionals, specializing in different areas, under one roof. read more »

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