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Columbia Bank completes acquisition of West Coast Bancorp

Columbia Banking System, Inc. completed its acquisition of West Coast Bancorp, the parent company of West Coast Bank, in April. With the completion of the merger, Columbia’s total assets exceed $7 billion, with 157 branches in 38 counties in Washington and Oregon.

Effective at the time of the merger, Columbia appointed David A. Dietzler, a former director of West Coast, to serve on Columbia’s board and the board of its wholly owned subsidiary, Columbia State Bank.

Melanie J. Dressel, president and chief executive officer of Columbia, said, “The merging of Columbia and West Coast moves us significantly toward our stated objective of being the leading Pacific Northwest regional community bank. The complementary aspects of the companies’ businesses, including customer focus, geographic coverage, business orientation and compatibility of management and operating styles, makes the merger a natural fit.”

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