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My Turn
My Turn

There are two kinds of politicians, the ones who run to be somebody and the ones who run to get something done. The first kind join every committee, study things to death, show up at every ribbon cutting, and keep getting re-elected. They rarely get anything of significance accomplished because they are not willing to hold themselves accountable for doing what they say they are going to do. It’s called the safe way to remain in public office.

Then there are the second kind of politicians, my favorites, who run because they have a passion to serve people by getting things done and leaving the place better than they found it. read more »

My Turn
By Andy Looney

(Should be read in the voice of the late Andy Rooney)

I don’t have a huge problem with the ban that some people in progressive west coast communities are proposing on plastic bags. It’s not going to cost me that much. It’s just not a big deal, aside from the fact that politicians who suppose that they know more than the rest of us are going to cram it down our throats, whether we like it or not, so they can feel “progressive” in spite of the fact that the bags are energy efficient, reusable, recyclable and don’t take up much space in a land fill. read more »

My Turn

I was appointed by Governor Gregoire to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) in 2010, and would like to offer some insight as a committee member.

Fact: We need to find an additional $25 million in toll revenues for Fiscal 2013 (July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013). 40 percent of this increase is due to bonds coming due. This is one of ten bonds that were taken to construct the bridge because of the “just in time” construction and bond schedule, which saved taxpayers millions of dollars in interest. Also, the first installment of deferred sales tax is due next year (the agreement was to start paying the $57 million in sales tax over a span of 10 years working out to about $5.7 million per year). read more »

My Turn

It is interesting to read in the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal (2/3/2011) how important the wastewater and water reclamation project in Belfair is to the local community, Mason County and State Government. The report says “These facilities are touted to be a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative that protects Hood Canal water quality and quantities, while it meets Class A standards for future water reuse.”

The article is very informative explaining the benefit of reducing demand on established water supplies and how the wastewater and water reclamation project will reduce that demand. There is explanation of how the system removes nitrogen content in sewage, wastewater is treated to “Class A” standards for re-use and how this benefits not only the community allowing re-use of water but also benefits the ecology of the fragile Hood Canal ecosystems. read more »

My Turn

Policymakers in Olympia are looking hard at every available dollar these days. And while that scrutiny is welcome, community members and business leaders need to make sure our policymakers are taking a long-term view of each decision they make.

Making cuts to early learning and development programs today will impact both individual children and our collective community in the years to come. Closing programs that prepare young children to enter kindergarten and our school systems will profoundly hurt us all. read more »

My Turn

We all know and agree that we live in trying times right now. With the fight in Congress over health care and economic stimulus; the fight we faced here in Washington over I-1033, budget shortfalls in our cities, counties and state, not to mention the shortfalls in many households, and the enormous challenge and uphill struggle United Way of Kitsap County faces to raise the dollars to support the community safety net through the Annual Community Campaign this year. read more »


Politics in our left-wing state is often filled with irony and absurdity. Here are a few examples from this month: Why Are There No Challengers for the State Supreme Court? read more »


The Dec. 3, 2007 weather event brings home the meaning of our United Way tagline “Lend a hand close to home.” After a couple of years of disasters around the world, at United Way we have talked a lot about the importance of personal giving and reminding ourselves that a disaster can strike anytime, anyplace to anyone — just as it happened right here in Kitsap. read more »


Some economists only read books about cities like Bremerton. And it reads like an epic novel that repeats itself over and over. The same old story of the vibrant city that falls to the wayside as progress reaches to virgin soil that can be molded under a developer’s majestic dream or the reality of opportunity.

And so goes Bremerton — chapter after chapter. Enter my chapter; and in the abandon swell and smell of damp sheetrock and urine soaked side streets emerge persons hungry for a place. Those persons are called artists. read more »

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