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New Businesses

Tad Sooter, Kitsap Sun

Before Randy Jones became Kitsap County’s first legal recreational marijuana seller, he worked for eight years as a demolition worker.

It was a solid union career with a stable future, one Jones walked away from to test an industry where nothing is guaranteed, not even access to the product he’s selling. read more »


By Tim Kelly - KPBJ editor

Fadi Yashruti, who grew up in South Kitsap and recently left a corporate job in the Seattle area, is one of the principals in Seattle Inceptive Group, which is setting up a state-licensed marijuana production and processing facility on a 12-acre property they purchased in Belfair. Call it the path of lease resistance.

That’s what led two pairs of brothers — friends since junior high in Port Orchard and now business partners — to purchase a former nursery in Belfair as the site for their marijuana-growing operation.

“Probably the most difficult thing about this whole deal is finding a suitable location,” said Fadi Yashruti, point man for the investors who formed Seattle Inceptive Group to enter Washington’s recreational cannabis industry. read more »


Mike Looby is glad to be helping liven up downtown Bremerton, by opening the latest incarnation in the long tradition of the Horse and Cow bar.

The establishment opened on Fourth Street just off Pacific Avenue with little fanfare in July, just in time to be on the scene for one of the city’s liveliest summer events, the Bremerton Brewfest. read more »


The Ale House on Winslow is sort of a stepping-stone for its young owners, whose long-term goal is to open a brewery.

But for now they’re enjoying being purveyors of beer at their new taproom on Bainbridge Island’s busiest corner. read more »


By Tim Kelly

They’re not just wingin’ it at Larue Hubbard’s chicken joint.

A couple self-styled restaurant consultants calling themselves FooDivaS are helping Hubbard rebrand the Bremerton storefront eatery whose specialty is chicken wings prepared with distinctive spices. read more »


LARRY STEAGALL Stylist Ashley Arnold does a customer’s hair at Isella Salon Spa, which recently moved to a new location on Fourth Street in downtown Bremerton. As a business owner, Christina Jara operates on the level — literally, now that her Isella Salon Spa is in a new, larger location with a layout she designed.

“We’re on one level here, so it’s definitely a lot more customer-friendly not having to go up to the second floor for the spa,” Jara said.

Before the move a few doors down to the other side of Fourth Street in downtown Bremerton, the salon had leased two floors in the Soriano building near the corner of Pacific Avenue in downtown Bremerton. read more »

Owners hope Swimdeck’s launch will help resolve financial mess left from Chehalis pub’s closure

By Tim Kelly
KPBJ editor

Photo credit: Larry Steagall

“Swimdeck_Stacy”: Stacy Bronson and her partner, Dave Tagert, recently opened The Swimdeck on Bay Street in Port Orchard. The couple owned another pub in Chehalis that went out of business in June, and they still owe some former employees their final paychecks.Around the time the nautical-themed Swimdeck held its grand opening in Port Orchard, the proprietors’ other pub in Chehalis went under, leaving in its wake employees who didn’t get final paychecks, long-running disputes with the landlord, and a loss of the substantial investment the entrepreneurs made in renovating the place. read more »


Tad Sooter, Kitsap Sun

Henery hardware

You can call the owners of Henery Do it Best Hardware old-fashioned. They won’t be offended.

Old-fashioned is their business model. read more »


Safeway’s eighth grocery store on the Kitsap Peninsula is now open in Poulsbo, at the northeast corner of the State Route 305/Lincoln Road intersection.  read more »

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