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The introduction to the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council’s monthly Revenue Forecast said a lot.

“It increasingly appears that we are finally approaching the end of this ‘Great Recession,’” it read. “Initial claims for unemployment insurance appear to have peaked and monthly job losses are diminishing. However the bottom in this recession will be lower than assumed in March, particularly with respect to the labor market.” read more »


A.G. Rob McKennaAttorney General Rob McKenna joined a group of other attorneys general and state banking regulators in sending a letter urging federal officials to encourage national banks and federal thrift-servicing operations to modify mortgage loans that are becoming unaffordable for consumers.

The letter to U.S. Comptroller of the Currency John C. Dugan and John M. Reich, director of the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS), was signed by members of the State Foreclosure Prevention Working Group who are working to reduce the number of unnecessary foreclosures by encouraging loan modifications and other sustainable, long-term solutions. read more »


When the economy is slow, new business is harder to get. What can you do to build your business in a recessionary economy?

It’s been over ten years since our last recession in the United States. For the most part, the US economy has been strong and business has been good for the last decade. However, the fact is, that the economy goes through cycles and business has slowed down for many people. Unfortunately, every time it takes a downturn, the fallout is felt strongly by salespeople, business owners, and professionals alike. read more »


Every Saturday, you can find Ken and his sons, along with wife Elizabeth (not pictured) cooking up some of the best Bar-B-Q you will ever eat at The Grillside Mobile Bar-B-Q. The family business is a popular fixture at the Port Orchard Farmer’s Market.For a couple of hours each week, hundreds of residents and visitors from throughout Kitsap County, wander through rows of a simpler life, greet neighbors with relaxed smiles, listen to farmers share how-to-advice and take time to smell the flowers. We are reminded, again, of the healthy benefits to the planet, mind and heart of eating home grown food and buying from crafters making foods, clothing and gifts the right way…slowly and with care.

Welcome to your local Farmer’s Market. read more »


Giving same-sex couples marriage rights will be good for the economy, according to a new study, The Effect of Marriage Equality and Domestic Partnership On Business and the Economy,” from UCLA’s Williams Institute. The study documents gains to businesses from happier and healthier workers that would outweigh new costs for benefits. The economy would also gain from the positive effect of equality on state government budgets.  read more »

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