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There’s a lot of business news happening everyday on the Kitsap Peninsula and surrounding areas. When something you want to share takes place, send us a press release using the form provided on this page.

Answer the Essential Questions:

Who, what, when, where, why, and how? Include your name, email, and phone number along with high resolution photo(s).

Send us press releases when the following happens:

  • New Hires, Appointments, Retirements, Career Changes
  • Dividends, Stock Payments, Earnings
  • Awards, Nominations, Promotions, Major Events
  • New Site Launches, Layoffs, Closures, Moves
  • Endowments, Grants, Donations, Contributions
  • Financial Milestones, Major Contracts
  • New Businesses, Fundraisers, Events

Essential Tips for Effective Briefs & Press Releases:

  • Ask yourself, “What am I trying to accomplish with this release?”
  • Include high resolution photos if you have them.
  • If it’s not a mug shot, make sure it contains no more than three people. Make sure they are doing something other than standing in a strait line just staring at the camera.
  • Keep your business brief or press release short — one page max.
  • Check your spelling, dates, phone numbers, times, and names.
  • Send your release at least three weeks before you hope to see it in print — longer if possible. The Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal is published every month, but closes a week before each edition hits the streets.
  • There are thousands of businesses competing for space in each edition. Don’t be frustrated if the release doesn’t run on your schedule. If it doesn’t run on time or never makes it to print, keep trying.

EDITORIAL NOTE: There is no guarantee that a press release submitted will ever be run. For advertising information, see this form.

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When sending photos or other documents, PLEASE compress them into a single archive of less than 7 megabytes in size.