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Tim Kelly
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Homes in the Ferncliff Village development on Bainbridge Island are designed to be affordable and have a small housing footprint. A community garden is part of Ferncliff, which was developed as a community land trust by the nonprofit Housing Resources Board.The aim of the Housing Design Demonstration Project on Bainbridge Island was to create incentives for developers to build subdivisions that offer green and/or affordable housing. Four projects taking advantage of incentives such as “bonus density” offered by the ordinance are in different stages of development. Ferncliff Village has completed 24 homes that are now mostly occupied read more »


An architectural rendering shows the proposed Spyglass Hill apartment building, which would have 80 units on five floors with a parking level below the building. The site is atop a retaining wall in the 600 block of Washington Avenue near the Manette Bridge in downtown Bremerton. (Sound West Group illustration)Like the view over the water from the downtown side of Bremerton’s Manette Bridge? That’s what many residents would see out their living room windows high above the street in a planned five-story apartment building, which might be the most likely of various proposed apartment projects downtown to actually get built.

The Spyglass Hill project includes 80 apartments in a building facing Washington Avenue just south of the bridge, and there are plans for six two-story townhomes on the opposite side of the site facing Highland Avenue. read more »


The design of a potential roundabout at State Route 305 and Suquamish Way was one of the options for traffic improvements at the busy intersection displayed at an informational open house that the Washington State Department of Transportation held recently at Suquamish Clearwater Resort Casino, which is located on the south side of the intersection.Building a roundabout at State Route 305 and Suquamish Way may be the most effective solution for improving traffic flow at the busy intersection, where backups of westbound traffic from Bainbridge Island routinely stretch to a mile and a half during peak afternoon commute times.

It’s also the most expensive option under consideration by the Washington State Department of Transportation read more »


Two former city councilmen are part of a group campaigning for passage of a ballot measure to change Port Orchard’s form of government to a council-city manager system.

Fred Olin, who served one term on the council from 2007-11, is spearheading the Citizens for Professional Government group, which also includes several local business professionals. Olin said they support having a city manager because it would provide more continuity in how the city operates, with “no four-year interruption” like there is in the transition whenever a new mayor takes office.

If voters approve the change in November’s election, the City Council would hire a manager who would oversee all city departments and operations, and would be accountable to the council. read more »


James Harris, center, who opened Sugardaddy's salon in 2005 in downtown Port Orchard, and his partner Tim Waibel are making a long-planned move to London in September. Their goal is to eventually open a new styling salon there. Jessica Tudela will be salon manager at Sugardaddy's.One partner is four months removed from a heart attack, and their 1997 Ford Windstar minivan flatlined recently, not to be resuscitated. But that won’t keep “the boys” — as Sugardaddy’s owners James Harris and Tim Waibel are known at their popular hairstyling salon in Port Orchard — from their long-planned grand adventure that will take them from Bay Street to the sophisticated suburbs of London.

They haven’t found a site yet for the salon they plan to open, but they’ve identified some London-area boroughs that seem like viable locations for Sugardaddy’s U.K. — although that won’t necessarily be what they call their new salon. (They have, however, created a Facebook page under that name.) read more »


The Port Gamble S’Klallam tribe has been working on restoring the grounds at Heronswood Gardens in Kingston since buying the property at auction last year.The Port Gamble S’Klallam tribal chairman admits there were some surprises that came with the tribe’s acquisition of Heronswood Gardens in Kingston.

“We knew it was a local landmark,” Jeromy Sullivan said. “I would say the tribe and tribal council didn’t have a real good idea how much passion there was around Heronswood.”

That passion has been evident in the response of volunteers — including renowned horticulturist and Heronswood co-founder Dan Hinckley — helping with restoration of the gardens since the tribe purchased the property at auction a year ago from the Burpee Co., which had owned it since 2000 and closed the nursery in 2006. read more »

Editor's View

Constitutional protection of freedom of speech is one of our most fundamental and cherished rights. Each of us may say or otherwise express — with hardly any restraints imposed — whatever we choose. Whether our statements are factual or not; whether our opinion is keenly insightful or woefully uninformed; whether we are truthful and respectful as an Eagle Scout or as dissembling as the most brazen politician — we the people are free to speak our minds, for better or worse.

One example squarely in the worse category is a letter to the editor published on the Central Kitsap Reporter’s website the day before a rock band called Hell’s Belles played a concert at the Kitsap County Fair. The letter writer exercised her free speech rights by calling the all-female AC/DC tribute band “a satanic music group.” This self-proclaimed Christian also expressed her contempt for “you devil-worshippers,” though it’s not entirely clear if she was referring to the gals in the band, the taxpayer-funded fair’s organizers who booked the show, the Kitsap Sun for its feature story previewing the Hell’s Belles concert, or all of the above. read more »

Cover Story

Cover Story: Special trees made into artIt started with a tree that was going to be cut down six years ago to make way for the parking lot of a Rite Aid store being built in a Northern California town. The landowner selling his property for the development knew Brian Beaulaurier and called to see if he’d be interested in buying the tree.

He was, because this wasn’t just any tree; it was an enormous Bastogne walnut tree that was a century and a half old.

“It had been planted by this gentleman’s great-grandfather in 1865,” Beaulaurier said. “Literally within days of when Rite Aid was going to start construction, I harvested that tree.” read more »

The Business of Tourism

Free outdoor concerts that many communities host are always popular in the summer. Hundreds of people enjoyed the recent performance by country singer Kasey Musgraves that was part of the summer music series at Clearwater Resort Casino.Maybe Kasey Musgraves knew something about what a tourist draw her concert was. During her July 17 performance as part of the free summer music series at Clearwater Resort Casino, the young country singer twice called out “Come on, Seattle” to her audience.

Was this rising star who hails from Texas confused about where her gig was, or did a lot of folks come over on the ferry from Seattle to catch her show? Maybe both. read more »

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