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Tim Kelly
KPBJ Editor
Legal Issues for Business

Voters made recreational marijuana legal in Washington state, but local zoning laws and other obstacles are making it hard for start-up businesses in the potentially lucrative new industry.

A business called Land of Lizards is among dozens of Kitsap County applicants for state licenses to grow and/or process marijuana that would be sold to licensed retail outlets. The application lists a business address on Lumsden Road in the Port Orchard Industrial Park.

That area just west of State Route 16 meets siting standards set by the state Liquor Control Board, which created rules for implementation of I-502, the marijuana legalization initiative approved in a statewide vote in 2012. The industrial park also is one of the areas open for I-502 businesses under zoning approved by the Port Orchard City Council. read more »

Editor's View

It’s kind of a gypsy lifestyle, but it seems to suit a guy like Duane Atkinson.

He’s been a denizen of downtown Port Orchard since last July, though you might not have run across him unless you poked your head in to see what was going on in the building at 807 Bay St.

That’s where The Coffee Oasis just opened its third location in Kitsap County, and Atkinson and a few other out-of-town fellas did a lot of the work getting the café ready for its March 1 debut.

They are construction missionaries, bringing their skills to the Coffee Oasis project as members of Hard Hats for Christ, a ministry based in Kelso, Wash., just across the Columbia River from Atkinson’s hometown of Rainier, Ore.

“We’ve all been doing a little bit of everything,” he said. read more »

Cover Story
Remodel will add bar, second dining room in historic Port Gamble general store building

Cover Story: All decked out for springIn one of Port Gamble’s most notable historic buildings, there are two walk-in vaults built in the 19th century for the office of the timber company that owned the thriving town.

Those vaults, as heavy and sturdy as banks of that era would have had, once sat behind an imposing counter with bars across the front, in the office where mill workers would come to collect their wages in silver in the early years before the company paid in script. The vaults are being repurposed and soon will be used to store wine bottles and beer kegs in a new bar at the Port Gamble General Store & Café.

When proprietors Kim Campbell — who previously owned a flower shop across the street — and Eric Kleiva bought a small deli and ice cream shop four years ago and expanded it into the store and café, they didn’t anticipate needing another expansion of their restaurant operation, which will occupy the whole first floor of the building when their remodeling project is complete. read more »


Voters soundly rejected a ballot measure to annex more property in Poulsbo and along Liberty Bay into the Port of Poulsbo district.

However, port officials said the election outcome won’t have any effect on the port’s plans to expand its marina and to possibly purchase the old City Hall property in downtown Poulsbo for development.

In Tuesday’s special election, 75 percent of the ballots were ‘no’ votes on the annexation measure, which was defeated by a margin of 706-237.

Had the measure passed, the 2,404 properties in the proposed annexation area would have generated about $190,000 a year in additional tax revenue for the port. But a revenue boost wasn’t the port’s purpose in sending the annexation measure to voters, Commissioner Mark DeSalvo said. read more »

Women In Business

Amy Anderson is proprietor of the Axe Handle Café, which opened last summer and is her second business in Kingston. (Tim Kelly photo)Her entrepreneurial success in Kingston is not quite a story of hometown girl makes good, but almost.

Amy Anderson wasn’t born here, but the owner of Cup & Muffin and the Axe Handle Café sure feels like she belongs here now. She and her husband, Mark, were grand marshals for the town’s annual Fourth of July parade last summer.

For several years before that, Anderson participated in the parade by handing out coupons for a free cup of coffee at Cup & Muffin read more »

Digital Trends
Customers testing LED replacements made locally call them ‘the wave of the future’ for outdoor lighting

Bob Nietfield, left, new VP for sales at Differential Energy Global, and company owner Rick Flaherty hold high-tech LED replacement bulbs at DEG's production facility in Port Orchard. (Tim Kelly Photo)Pedestrians at the University of Washington-Tacoma will notice something different soon while walking at night by a busy campus corner. Five of the university’s heritage lampposts are being relocated to the block of Court C near 19th Street and Jefferson Avenue, and observant passersby might notice a brighter glow from the vintage-look “double acorn” lights, which will have new high-intensity LED bulbs from a Port Orchard lighting company. read more »

Real Estate And Construction

Artist's rendering shows what the new glass-walled building will look like. There will be solar panels (shown in blue) on the canopy over the bank's drive-thru lanes. (Kitsap Bank illustration)Construction has been going on since November for a new Kitsap Bank branch in East Bremerton. Bank officials tout the many advanced technological features designed into the new building at the corner of Wheaton Way and Sylvan Way, but what a lot of customers may find most appealing is that the branch will have a Starbucks.

The bank confirmed in late January that Starbucks will lease about 1,800 square feet of space for its coffee shop, which will be accessible through the shared lobby in the new glass-walled building. read more »

Cover Story

The McDonald's on Wheaton Way in Bremerton will be torn down and replaced with a new building over the next few months. (Photo by Tim Kelly)There’s one less McDonald’s in Bremerton, but only for a few months.

The outdated drive-in restaurant at 3580 Wheaton Way, site of the first golden arches in West Puget Sound when it was built in the early 1970s, will be torn down and replaced with a new building on the same lot. The new McDonald’s is projected to open in May and will have a double drive-thru lane and a modernized overall look that are part of the corporation’s current design standards. read more »


A 700-square-foot array of 44 solar panels was installed on the roof of Liberty Bay Auto in Poulsbo. The business worked with Washington Solar Incentives on the project. (Photo courtesy Liberty Bay Auto)Rick Lander knows he won’t get many business owners to consider an investment in rooftop solar panels just for the environmental benefits. But pitching a project that also offers financial incentives — tax credits and lower utility bills, as well as some good PR in the bargain — that’s likely to get some attention.

It worked that way at Liberty Bay Auto in Poulsbo, a high-end used car business where most of the electricity is now generated by a 700-square-foot array of 44 solar panels installed on the roof in December.

“It’s a good thing, a green thing,” said Dean Church, who started the business with his father 25 years ago. But he didn’t jump on the idea the first time he was contacted by Lander, president of Washington Solar Incentives. read more »

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