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Tim Kelly
KPBJ Editor

After a year of protracted negotiations and a recent vote by union members authorizing a strike, the Pro Tech workers at Harrison Medical Center got much of what they wanted in a new contract, which was approved by a 98 percent vote of union members. The result was announced June 27 by UFCW Local 21.

The two main sticking points in the often contentious talks were the length of the contract, and Harrison’s insistence on including language to prohibit the Pro Tech workers from honoring a legal strike by another bargaining unit.  read more »


Wes Larson certainly has gone places in his career — make that careers. 

The Bremerton native and UW alum who once worked at the downtown Woolworth’s as a stock boy has lived in Japan, where he taught English and studied karate. (Larson currently teaches a youth karate class at a downtown Bremerton studio.)  read more »

Bainbridge entrepreneurs plan to grow domestic supply in Alabama for future manufacturing

A Bainbridge Island couple preparing for planting season doesn’t seem especially newsworthy, but Ann and David Knight aren’t your average gardeners putting in a backyard vegetable patch.

What they are cultivating — far from Kitsap County in rural Alabama — is the beginning of what they envision as an entire new industry that will transform agriculture in that poverty-stricken region and create an eco-friendly manufacturing base for bamboo products. read more »


Rick Bjarnson and Don Stolz are two guys who bagged groceries as teenagers and worked their way up to owning grocery stores.

Bjarnson, however, is getting out of the business; the longtime owner of the Kingston IGA is selling his store to Don Stolz, who owns two Food Market stores on the Key Peninsula and another in Auburn.

The Kingston store, which has been an IGA for about five years, has operated under various grocery brands since Bjarnson bought the business in 1979. read more »

A Q&A with Kitsap’s members of a state task force focused on outdoor recreation, parks

By Tim Kelly

Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal

Two Kitsap County representatives are among 28 statewide appointed by Gov. Jay Inslee to a Blue Ribbon Task Force on Parks and Outdoor Recreation.  read more »


By Tim Kelly

Today on Earth Day, Kitsap Bank is announcing a competition called Edg3 Fund that will highlight sustainability initiatives by small businesses, and will include community input in selecting one business to receive a $20,000 award.  read more »


In her first legislative session since switching from the House to the Senate, Jan Angel sure captured her share of attention. Wasn’t the good kind, though, despite the self-congratulatory press release she sent out when the Legislature adjourned. read more »

Safe Drain manufacturer’s expansion into Northwest part of national strategy

Sometimes the concept behind an innovative new product seems so simple and obvious, it prompts a reaction of  “Why didn’t somSafe Drain International founder John Deming, right, with Buzz Holmes, left, and Ken Perry of Safe Drain Northwest.ebody think of that sooner?” read more »


Add one more outdoor weekend market to the list of browsing spots around Kitsap.

The latest venture is courtesy of Rob McGee and Samantha Thumma-Smith, neighboring business owners who are collaborating on the Annapolis Sunday Market that will have its premiere April 27.

McGee and his wife, Kristi, own Whiskey Gulch Coffee Co. and Annapolis Fitness in a two-story waterfront building on Bay Street next to the Annapolis passenger ferry dock in Port Orchard. read more »

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