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Kathleen Byrne-Barrantes

NOAA Weather Forecast Dec 19, 2012This year Mother Nature reminded us that, while desirable, there are undeniable risks associated with living near the coastline.

Here in the Seattle/Puget Sound region, we experienced the highest tides ever recorded on Dec. 17, while local climate-change watchers say the area could be in for more of the same — or worse — in years to come.

A powerful winter storm hit the Pacific Northwest overnight on Sunday and into Monday Dec. 17, delivering strong winds, towering waves and rain to some places with heavy snowfall and whiteout conditions in others. read more »


Port Gamble S'Klallam tribal members and community members attend an Oct. 18 presentation about cleanup efforts in Port Gamble Bay. (Photo by Luis Barrantes)The Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe held a project update and public information event Oct. 18 in the Reservation Longhouse on Little Boston Road.

Tribal Chairman Jeromy Sullivan opened the event with a rich history of tribal activities in the region over the past thousands of years. Its members once thrived on the other side of the bay and likely kept recreational quarters predating the land now serving as the reservation with Point Julia at its center. read more »


The 22nd annual cleanup event in Kitsap drew 50 volunteers to Port Orchard and another 25 in downtown Bremerton, chalking up another successful Sept. 15 International Coastweeks Cleanup.

This year, the event was sponsored by the Kitsap Trees & Shorelines Association, Kitsap Diving Association, South Kitsap High School, City of Bremerton, and WSU Kitsap Extension Beachwatchers. Bremerton City Council member Greg Wheeler, County Commissioner Rob Gelder, and Sally Lawrence, Washington State Department of Ecology, also participated in the shoreline cleanup. read more »


Begun in the United States, Coastweeks recognition has spread throughout the world as an international event celebrating the beauty and vitality of our coasts and coastal communities. Organizations and individuals celebrate a month of environmentally proactive activities each year — from nature walks and coastal cleanups to boating events — to explore and help preserve fragile coastal resources.

The Sinclair Inlet volunteers have been supported in 21 previous cleanups coordinated by the Kitsap Trees & Shoreline Association (KiTSA) and Kitsap Diving Association (KDA). Each September during the annual Coastweeks Cleanup they have removed trash and debris from the beaches and waterways, identified the sources of that debris, and educated others in an attempt to change the behaviors that allow it to reach there in the first place. read more »


The south dock (above) at the Port of Manchester was replaced earlier this year, and the port is seeking grant funding to help cover the cost to replace the aging north dock in 2013. (Photo by Luis Barrantes)Manchester’s port is a popular day-trip destination for boaters who enjoy its natural beauty and opportunities for sailing, viewing, photography, swimming or wading, fishing, crabbing, shellfish gathering, hiking, kayaking, picnicking and relaxing along the sandy beach or visiting Blake Island across the water.

With its spectacular views and boat launch providing easy access to downtown Seattle and Blake Island near the Southworth Ferry, its busy docks boast more than 75 boat launches and 165 visitors per day. read more »

Environment And Ecology

Members of the United States Geological Survey research crew pull in a seine through eelgrass. (Photo by Dave Ayers)United States Geological Survey (USGS) scientists began their shoreline forage fish study in Kitsap County the weekend of June 9 with what might be a local resident’s all too common problem — boat trouble.

These scientists access beaches by boat and work along the shoreline during both day and night periods wearing visually identifiable USGS clothing, and the boat clearly marked as a USGS research vessel. read more »


Celebrating Earth Day Cleanup Team 2012The 42nd Earth Day marked its anniversary on Sunday April 22 … and the weather cooperated with a warm sun-filled weekend worth celebrating here in the Northwest!

The annual Sinclair Earth Day Environmental Cleanup volunteer crews met again at the Port Orchard site on April 21. The Bremerton site took a leave — first time in 17 years — and will convene again for Coastweeks 2012 in September. read more »

"There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet." ~ Brooke Medicine Eagle

GeoducksFrom Liberty Bay to Port Gamble to Elliott Bay, efforts are underway to make sure that clams destined for the dinner table are aplenty now and in future generations. And that no clam or its habitat becomes extinct under our watch.

Traditionally, indigenous people feel all generations are connected and believe we must think of the effects of decisions made today on the Seventh Generation regarding such matters as preservation of the environment. This is because they inherit the responsibilities given to their ancestors and to the generations yet unborn. read more »


Faith in Action West Sound Senior CenterWSU Extension and the Puget Sound Partnership announced that the Draft 2012 Low Impact Development Technical Guidance Manual for Puget Sound (Draft LID Manual) is available for broader stakeholder review until 5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2012.

The Draft LID Manual is an update to the existing 2005 LID Technical Guidance read more »

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