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John Powers

This past year marked a milestone in Kitsap’s efforts to participate in our region’s ever-expanding aerospace manufacturing sector, both commercial and military aircraft. read more »


 … the answer lies at the core of our purpose, passion, commitment to our communities’ future.

“To Survive and Thrive!” This was the overarching collective response of the economic development leaders gathered at our alliance’s recent board retreat when asked: “What’s our intention as economic development leaders — what’s the deeper purpose (the Big ”Why”) that is worthy of our best efforts to work together to develop our local and regional economy?” read more »


When it comes to economic development, Kitsap operates from a sound balance sheet. 

Kitsap’s economy is comprised of many valuable assets:

• Exceptional natural environment and quality of life;

• Committed community leadership, both public and private sector;

• Progressive pro-business public policy; 

• Sound and reliable infrastructure; 

• Proximity to the I-5 commercial/industrial corridor and global Seattle market

• Presence of multiple industry clusters – economic sectors; read more »


Over 100 partners of Kitsap’s Economic Development Alliance gathered for our Annual Meeting on March 20 to review 2013 results, approve a 2014 Work Plan, and elect board members and officers for the coming year. read more »


As we approach our alliance’s 33rd annual meeting on March 20, I want to take a moment to slow down, count our many blessings, and prepare to advance our work at an ever-increasing pace in pursuit of new opportunities under new board leadership in this upcoming organizational year.

This past year was fast-paced and very productive; for that I want to thank our terrific team: Kathy Cocus, business development director; Theresa Mangrum, marketing manager; Mary Jo Juarez, procurement consultant; and Susan Veach, financial administrator and PTAC instructor. Over the past 12 months KEDA has directly advised and assisted more than 150 business clients in securing over $25 million in new business and impacting over 250 jobs in our community. read more »

Orchestrating and amplifying our collective message

Our Economic Development Alliance’s recent economic forecast showcased the power of strategic partners collaborating on telling each other’s stories. Like the Seahawks 12th Man, Kitsap’s team “story” is heard more loud and clear by an ever wider audience whenever our community comes together to orchestrate and amplify its collective message. While the good folks of SF may not recall who wears #11 for Seattle (Percy Harvin), they sure as heck know who wears #12!

At KEDA’s Jan. 29 event, economist John W. Mitchell, Ph.D., briefed local leaders on Kitsap’s current and future economic challenges and opportunities, and its integral role in the Greater Seattle regional economy. Dr. Mitchell talked about Kitsap’s regional strengths in the defense, maritime, manufacturing, health care and technology sectors; and, he spoke about the long-range regional horizon as having mostly clear skies … economically speaking. read more »


On Jan. 29 the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance will host its 16th annual economic forecast event — Decision Makers — featuring John Mitchell, PhD, former chief economist for US Bank … simply the best “stand-up econ-comic” in the business. The event will be held at the Kitsap Conference Center from 7-10 a.m., and also will include a presentation by Robb Zerr, marketing services manager for the Washington State Department of Commerce, on multimedia market branding. Register today @ www.kitsapeda.org.

Dr. Mitchell will, no doubt, once again command our complete attention as he carefully synthesizes global, national, state and regional economic data in an educational yet entertaining fashion, all wrapped up in a sure-to-delight ‘ditty’ foretelling our economic future. Trust me — you’re going to want to trust nothing to chance — and be there on the 29th to place your trust in John’s predictions. read more »


The Kitsap Economic Development Alliance is a 34-year-old public-private economic development partnership. Our alliance was born of local community leaders’ recognition that together public entities and private enterprises can more effectively shape and develop economic opportunities in Kitsap. Our alliance is led by a dynamic board of 18 elected officials and 18 business leaders. Our core mission is to attract investment and jobs to Kitsap County. And, our core clients are local businesses we serve by connecting them to strategic resources and relationships and market information.

We most often focus our attention and message around matters of critical importance to our private-sector partners (capital formation — human and financial; infrastructure needs; market connectivity; innovation and entrepreneurial capital; public policy and regulations; and business climate). After all, businesses are our clients and the direct beneficiaries of the services we offer read more »


“To make an idea real” — this is the laser focus of an entrepreneur, and the core objective of entrepreneurship. And, it is the driving force behind Global Entrepreneurship Week to be celebrated here in Kitsap, and around the world, Nov. 18-22.

After engaging in many, many entrepreneurial endeavors throughout my multifaceted career (real estate and finance, law, public service, and economic development), I believe the essence of entrepreneurship is “to endeavor to make an idea real.”

Turning to a rather entrepreneurial information service — Wikipedia, today’s go-to digital encyclopedia — you’ll find the following widely circulated definition of entrepreneurship:

“Entrepreneurship is the quality of being an entrepreneur, i.e. one who ‘undertakes an enterprise’” read more »

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