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If you haven’t gotten in on the BlogTalkRadio craze yet to indulge your inner disc jockey or Howard Stern redux, now there’s an even easier way to produce and syndicate a podcast. read more »


It’s been a busy yet contemplative time since retiring from WSTA this past October.  Not only did I need to decompress after years of involvement and a grueling work week, time was needed to reassess the direction in which I wanted to go with my private practise.

Enough of that, though. Here I am, and hopefully with some degree of regularity on all things tech and business. read more »

CommunityConnections links organizations with the local business community

In an effort to support regional business efforts, Microsoft® Community Connections is a new initiative which links organizations with the local business community – and Microsoft’s newest and highly anticipated operating system, Windows® 7. read more »


So I got a bit of a nudge (from a person I won’t name!) about my remiss posting habits in the blog….

What can I say? Several businesses, family, and more than a few civic commitments are all competing for this ever-elusive commodity we call Time. read more »


Lary Coppola, mayor of Port Orchard, will participate LIVE on Catching Bytes Radio on October 2, 2009 from 12 noon to 1p to discuss his vision for Port Orchard’s future, including its fibre initiative.

To participate live in the conversation, call in at 347-202-0349. Listeners can tune in on their computers or iPods, and the broadcast will be available On Demand after airing. Participants can also send questions using a chat feature. read more »


No, this isn’t a blog about a rollercoaster ride. It is, however, about the last couple of days with respect to WSTA’s website.

It started with rejected emails sent by board members to our constituents. Then a call that our site was showing a ‘suspended’ status when one accessed the URL. Two minutes later, we were knee deep in online chat with Tech Support regarding why no warning was given read more »


Harsh, eh? Yet another article came across my desk which sparked interest and conversation in the office. Within it, Colleen Francis indicates that a good voice mail should be prepared, delivered confidently, and no more than 30-45 seconds. And of course, get to the bloody point within the first 30. She doesn’t quite say it that way but the thrust is there. read more »


There’s no excuse but busy, but I’ve received ConnectIT for quite some time and usually just deleted it unread. Over the past few months I’ve begun to pay attention and actually read some of the articles, and have found some rather spot on and useful nuggets while doing so. Not that I agree with everything written — who does? — but there is at least food for thought. read more »

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