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Let’s just get to the point: this is not a movie starring Kurt Russell.

After more than my fair share of “No?!?” responses to clients, friends, colleagues and family who asked if I’d received their voice messages last month on my iPhone 3G, I decided to look into it. Immediately, AT&T advised that this was one of the side effects of iPhone’s OS4 update. The solution? Well, just back up your phone, wipe it, then restore, Mrs. Keating.  read more »


Late last month, I took a cheeky swipe in my blog at the most unSummer-like weather about which we Pacific Northwesterners so like to groan. Well, as usual, it arrived — and boldly. We’re due for some 80s and even 90s temps.

So take thatread more »


Many of us, myself included, have spent the last few months on the hamster wheel getting Life done: meetings, projects, family, and a bit of fun thrown in for good measure. Now, summer is here - or is it? - and there are numerous opportunities to mix business and pleasure with colleagues. read more »


As many of you have noticed, it’s become as trendy to bash social media as overhyped, as it has to promote it as the silver bullet. Those of us familiar with The Well and LISTSERV in the mid 80s, Usenet in the late 1970s, or even ARAPNET in the early 60s can attest to the power of evolving computer-mediated communications tools which are responsible for how we interact today.  read more »

Not-so-random thoughts on the industry

I received a VIP notice last week about the SHOWWX™ Laser Pico Projector, now available for purchase by members for $549. For those who’ve waited…and waited…and waited, this is exciting news. Optional accessories include a VGA dock for $49.99, and an extra rechargeable battery for $29.99.  read more »


We are seeing the slow transition away from paper based records to electronic records at an accelerating pace and reaching lower into small and medium business (SMB) market (small law firms, health care, etc). Economic conditions are helping drive this as businesses seek increased efficiency for labour cost savings and to better support increasing mobile workforces.  read more »


William “Bill” Huckabee works for S & K Aerospace under a U.S. Navy contract as a SharePoint developer, administrator and portal master for the Navy Region Northwest’s SharePoint portal, one part of the world wide portal for Commander Naval Installations Command (CNIC). Previously, he was an asset manager with Envisioneering. read more »


On WSTA’s LinkedIn page, Angela Henderson, Manager, Marketing and Business Development at General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), posted an article she coordinated for the National Center for Telehealth and Technology (T2). ”Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy to combat PTSD” was a fascinating read, and represents one of many innovative technology applications for psychological health and traumatic brain injury being focused on in one of GDIT’s divisions. read more »

10 questions change leaders must answer before shaking things up

We’ve had quite a few discussions in our office over the past few weeks: the importance of getting the word out so your efforts aren’t essentially a billboard in the basement; whether any attention is good attention (a variation on the ‘quantity is not necessarily quality’ theme); and the topic of this blog regarding bold strokes versus effective and skilled ones. read more »

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