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The SMB 150 is produced by SMB Technology Network (SMBTN) and SMB Nation and brought to you by BlackBerry. The SMB 150 honours individuals who have made a significant impact on the worldwide small and medium business (SMB) channel.  

A three-part process determined this year’s list of SMB 150 influencers. The competition began with an open nominating process, followed by the SMB IT community voting on the nominees at www.smb150.com. In addition to the community vote, a panel of industry experts judged each nominee based on a variety of relevant areas. read more »


West Sound Technology Association (WSTA) is hosting its monthly meeting on April 19 at Poulsbo City Hall from 5:30p-7:30p. The topic “Windows 8 - What Happened to My Desktop?” is presented by Microsofties who will be crossing the pond to cover the next version in Windows, which promises to be the most significant release of the Windows operating system lineup since Windows 95. Some of the highlights include: (1) Metro User interface - bringing a touch interface to the desktop and tablets alike; (2) Continued improvements in speed, startup time and security, demanded of a audience which expects appliance like simplicity and reliability; and (3) A new Windows application store. Registration is required, and non-members pay a suggested donation of $10. WSTA members attend for free. read more »

Community treasure turns to crowdfunding to complete education

With New Year festivities still alive and kicking at this late hour, you’d be right to think I’m referring to this, or the famously appealing Doobie Brothers song.

Alas, I am not…

Many of us have heard of crowdfunding—an idea similar to crowdsourcing—wherein funds are raised for projects, initiatives or causes at the ‘open-call’ grassroots level. read more »

Two peninsula events for businesses, governments, and nonprofits

On Thursday, November 17, two Kitsap entities are offering informational seminars which can kick start or improve your efforts.

West Sound Technology Association’s  (WSTA) monthly meeting, which takes place the third Thursday of most months, is “New Trends in Internet Marketing”. It will be held from 5:30p-7:30p in Poulsbo City Hall’s City Council Chambers. WSTA’s presentations are known for being informative, engaging, and easily translated from tech to everyday speak. This one is no different. read more »

Social media guru and father of six commits suicide in church car park

The internet is abuzz with the shocking and tragic death of Trey Pennington. I don’t claim to know him, but did enjoy a couple of conversations with him about his articles on the ROI of social media. In each case, he was magnanimous, intelligent, kind, and wrote back quickly despite the hundreds of thousands who probably commanded his attention. I am attuned to how people behave when the crowds are gone and they don’t believe others are looking. Trey was quite impressive in that regard, and my brief experience of him immediately aligned with everything I’ve read about by those who knew him well. read more »


Fifty years ago, legislators from across our state participated in the planning and programming for the 1962 World’s Fair.  They were fueled by civic action and a profound appreciation for the advancement of culture, science, and technology. The legacy of their endeavour still lives on today. read more »


Recently, I saw a discussion on Facebook needlessly degenerate to the point where friendships ended. That should never happen, particularly with reasonably intelligent people who possess the ability to assess, discern, connect, and resolve.

Once the minor misunderstanding escalated, each retreated to their respective corners to defriend, block, and/or hide from one another. Had I not witnessed it, I would never believe any of it occurred. Which brings me to my point…. read more »


Back in the mid 80s, I was listening (as usual) to The Jazz Show by David Sanborn on an east coast radio station. A non-stop stream of great music, so I started taping the show in case I missed it. One day, I taped a show which seemed to be the pinnacle of all other broadcasts: every song had me tingling with delight.  read more »


Who remembers those Faberge Shampoo commercials of decades past? You know the ones: “I told two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.”.

Okay, so perhaps you’re too young to recall. So here it is (if my efforts to embed media below didn’t work, click here to view the YouTube video). read more »

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