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Escape from iOS4 Hell

Let’s just get to the point: this is not a movie starring Kurt Russell.

After more than my fair share of “No?!?” responses to clients, friends, colleagues and family who asked if I’d received their voice messages last month on my iPhone 3G, I decided to look into it. Immediately, AT&T advised that this was one of the side effects of iPhone’s OS4 update. The solution? Well, just back up your phone, wipe it, then restore, Mrs. Keating.

Wrong answer. We won’t even talk about the “suggestion” from a well-meaning friend that I hold down the 1 key on the iPhone to dial my voicemail and access it the more traditional way. Nooo. You think? Well hee haw and call me Elmer Fudd (you know I love ya, D, but hello!).

Plan B included deleting my local profile, which wiped most of my settings (weather locations, alarms, wallpaper, sounds, some app settings, etc.), then reconfiguring voice mail. Well — okay. Anything to escape iOS 4.0.1 hell.

So I set up voice messaging, then connected my iPhone to the network to see what an update to OS 4.0.2 would accomplish. Several weeks later……(I jest). Once the update was complete, my voice messaging was back in business.

But then, there’s this arteriosclerotic issue. iPhone 3G (and 3GS to a lesser extent) owners know what I mean. After the initial OS4 update, my phone moved slower than molasses, choking on the fumes of turtles and snails as they blazed by.

Frequently locking up or staring at me with a blank expression as if I’d never swiped or tapped a function, it became clear my actions were considered mere suggestions. My frustration peaked one day, as I literally gripped and shook my iPhone in an effort to wring its neck.

I digress.

The solution: turn off the spotlight (general settings, home
button, spotlight search, uncheck all the options.). As my wonderfully geeky spouse explained on Facebook recently, this only affects the “whole phone” search screen accessed by sliding right from the home page. Thus, you can still search within Contacts, for example. 

In any case, there is an iOS 4.1 update coming on September 8, and this should resolve the issues with speed and Bluetooth, and bugs with the proximity sensor.

Wonderful. Now I can go back to ignoring voice messages instead of iOS 4.0.1 choosing for me.

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