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iPhone4, iPad, and OS4 on Catching Bytes Radio

Late last month, I took a cheeky swipe in my blog at the most unSummer-like weather about which we Pacific Northwesterners so like to groan. Well, as usual, it arrived — and boldly. We’re due for some 80s and even 90s temps.

So take that!

Anyway, while some of you are inside to get relief from the sun, let your mouse do the walking over to some On Demand broadcasts from Catching Bytes Radio. Come to think of it, you can listen from any internet able phone or PDA - whether or not you’re inside. If you’re driving, it’s hands (and ticket) free.

On June 30, we shot the breeze about iPhone4, iPad, and OS4. Given all the complaints we’ve been hearing on Mashable, Twitter, Facebook, and the web, we expected to be inundated. Instead, it was quiet, but still a fun show. Have a listen.

Maybe we’ll do a part 2 after the remaining City of Port Orchard guvment folks get their iPads.

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