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Is Social Networking Overhyped?

As many of you have noticed, it’s become as trendy to bash social media as overhyped, as it has to promote it as the silver bullet. Those of us familiar with The Well and LISTSERV in the mid 80s, Usenet in the late 1970s, or even ARAPNET in the early 60s can attest to the power of evolving computer-mediated communications tools which are responsible for how we interact today.

We’ve watched websites and blogging - which some media outlets claimed were distractions businesses wouldn’t take seriously over the long haul - become mainstream. Whether it’s Badoo, Friendster, Ning, Twitter, or Facebook, what’s clear is social media/networking are here to stay. Some offerings will - as always - survive and thrive; others will rise, then fizzle (Geocities, anyone?).

  • What is a business or potential user to do?
  • What are some of the best practises and pitfalls?
  • How does one set measureable goals and objectives which translate into ROI?
  • How do we get beyond the cognitive dissonance from shake-and-bake opportunists to real, effective and truly expert advice?

Get the answers to these questions and more on Catching Bytes Radio’s May 10 show at 12 noon (Pacific), hosted by West Sound Technology Association (WSTA) president Charles Keating, who will be joined by Eric Becker, a Writer/Producer and Social Media Strategist/Consultant from Seattle; Paul Travis, a Strategic Marketing expert, Certified Management Consultant, and author; Doña Keating, Pres/CEO of an international business, policy, and information technology consulting firm; and Frank Kenny, Pres/CEO of North Mason Chamber of Commerce.

Click here to listen from your computer or iPod/iPhone. Call in comments are welcome, or use the chat feature if all lines are filled. Tune in and join the conversation!

Doña Keating is President and CEO of Professional Options, a prominent innovator in the policy and consulting industry which provides solutions for businesses, organizations and governmental agencies. She is also a principal in K2 Strategic Solutions, a partnership between Professional Options and Keating Consulting Service which has a combined 50 year history of providing technology and management consulting. Keating is also recent past president of West Sound Technology Association (WSTA).

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