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Down to the Wire on Tech/Biz Summit

So I got a bit of a nudge (from a person I won’t name!) about my remiss posting habits in the blog….

What can I say? Several businesses, family, and more than a few civic commitments are all competing for this ever-elusive commodity we call Time.

Just a quick note to let you know WSTA’s Western Washington Summit 2009: Tools for a Tough Economy and Beyond (formerly known as “Keeping the Faith” - what does that mean exactly?) is in full gear and ready for takeoff tomorrow, October 8. KPBJ is a Premier sponsor and has graciously advertised the event in full page ads so I won’t repeat the agenda here. Just visit this link for details and to register by the end of today before the higher door rate kicks in.

Great line up and a live broadcast of the Technology Showcase on Catching Bytes Radio. A crime scene van, patrol car, and (maybe) a motorcycle will be in the parking lot courtesy of the Kitsap Sheriff. Top it all off with a steak dinner (or polenta for vegheads) and we’re good to go. And of course, a panel of industry leaders who will engage in an open Q&A dialogue with attendees regarding how we can reposition for an upturn in this economy and beyond.

So again, check out the information and get your voice in the room as we take steps to improve our operations - and the region. Look forward to seeing you there!

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