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One Strike and You're Out: Technology Won't Save You

There’s no excuse but busy, but I’ve received ConnectIT for quite some time and usually just deleted it unread. Over the past few months I’ve begun to pay attention and actually read some of the articles, and have found some rather spot on and useful nuggets while doing so. Not that I agree with everything written — who does? — but there is at least food for thought.
Take the recent article by Mark Cox entitled “One typo in resume often puts application in circular file.” For decades we’ve heard that a resume with typos or poor grammar is more likely to land in the in. I won’t rehash the entire piece; you can read it here. Suffice to say, however, that the point was again driven home about common errors made which are not caught by the technology of spell-check.

Are you curious about percentages? 36 percent of executives interviewed said two typos would remove applicants from consideration for a job; 40 percent said it would take only one. Harsh? Perhaps, but in today’s increasingly competitive world there must be some method of weeding out candidates. Though I sometimes wonder if the same rules would apply if the submitter was a Harvard Ph.D. with otherwise stellar credentials. If so, determining ineligibility on the basis of one typo is perhaps indicative of a company best avoided.

What do you think?

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