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Women in Business

According to the Center for Women’s Business Research’s Women Owned Businesses in Washington, 2006: A Fact Sheet, 46 percent of privately held firms in Washington State — an estimated 234,197 businesses — were at least 50 percent owned by women. These firms generated nearly $44 billion in sales and employed 256,253 people. Around 158,881 of those firms were majority-owned by women , accounted for more than $20 billion in sales and employed 105,884 people. read more »


Susan Veach Accounting may entail a lot of number-crunching but it’s not just those numbers that count — it’s the people behind them. That’s the belief of Susan Veach, owner of Gorst-based Accountability Plus, who says her work requires as much relationship building as it does keeping track of the bottom line.

“There is a huge emotional investment , and it all comes back to having a good relationship with my clients,” Veach says. read more »


Kitsap Bank recently welcomed Liz Savage to its team as vice president/commercial loan officer. Previously employed by KeyBank in Tacoma, she brings more than 30 years of banking experience, 25 of which have been in commercial lending. read more »


In the last couple of years, women have lost their stronghold on local elected offices. At one time not only did Kitsap County have an all-female county commission, but it also had the majority of women mayors . Five of the nine state legislators were also women. That picture has since shifted dramatically, but women remain heavily involved, and a heavy influence, in the local political scene — not only in elected seats but also behind the scenes. read more »


Women have a tremendous impact in the health care industry on the Kitsap Peninsula. Whether working as nurses or physicians, administrators or CEOs, they affect local patients every day. Here are some of the outstanding local women in medicine:

Kim Leatham, MD, a family practice physician at Virginia Mason Winslow on Bainbridge Island, pursued health care as a second career in her 30s. After being a wilderness guide for a decade, she started looking at her long-term goals. Science was an interest, so medical school became her choice. read more »


The trend of women-owned businesses has been growing over the last three decades, and each year more women are embracing the freedom, hard work — and for many, financial security — that comes with business ownership. The latest statistics show that about a third of American non-farm businesses are owned by women, a number that has been steadily grown. read more »


Downtown Poulsbo’s Scandinavian flair doesn’t escape any new visitor — but when a Norwegian walks into the store and exclaims, “It’s like old Norway,” that’s an obvious compliment to a place that tries to capture the old traditions of the Scandinavian regions. read more »


It’s the dream of many to go out on their own, start their own business, be their own boss. And each year an increasing number of women are doing just that.

According to the Center for Women’s Business Research, firms that are majority-owned by women increased at around two times the rate of all firms between 1997 and 2006. In the state of Washington alone, there are an estimated 158,881 privately-held, majority women-owned firms, accounting for 31.2 percent of all privately-held firms here. read more »


One thing that you could never describe Darlene Piper as is a slacker. A single mother, Piper attended law school at night with working during the day at a litigation law firm. She continued to work in civil litigation for four years after passing the bar, and then, in 1998, opened her own law firm so she could spend more time with her sons, who were 6 and 4 at the time. read more »

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