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Tax Planning

Insurance, in some form or another, is one of those things that nearly everyone has and that no one likes to talk about. It’s not interesting, it costs money whether you use it or not, and some people even question its necessity. Because of this, many people never think of their insurance agency as a resource to use for anything other than purchasing insurance products. But many insurance agencies go beyond the role of simply selling insurance and offer additional services to their clients and the community. read more »


Are you one of the almost 100 million taxpayers who will receive a refund when you file your federal tax return? The IRS says that requesting direct deposit and filing your tax return electronically will put that money in your pocket faster and easier.
Every year, more taxpayers find out how safe and easy it is to have their tax refund deposited directly into their checking or savings account. This option is available for both e-filers and paper return filers. read more »


It’s something most people don’t want to think about: death. But you might want to ponder it now so your family will have a financial cushion when you pass away.
That’s where life insurance comes in. It gives your spouse, children or an aging dependent parent money when you die. It can also be used to protect your business, pay off debts, leave money to charity and cover estate expenses. You make periodic payments, or premiums, which vary based on your age, sex, medical history and the type and amount of insurance you are getting. read more »


If you’re trying to follow the bear and bull markets in coming up with an investment strategy, Ed Stern of Piper Jaffray has a word of advice: There are two different barnyard animals that will be much more helpful, chicken and pigs.

“It’s important to bring perspective into the market…People tend to be motivated by fear and greed, it can overtake them and cloud their objective judgment,” said Stern, the hands down winner of the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal’s Stock Watch competition two years ago. read more »


Fiduciary: Relating to the holding of something in trust for another. In this case you the employer are considered to be making decisions that affect the assets of your employee’s retirement plan in trust. read more »


On Nov. 1, the Internal Revenue Service began charging, with some exceptions, a $150 application fee to process offers in compromise. An offer in compromise allows taxpayers to settle their tax liabilities for less than the full amount.

The fee will help offset the cost of providing this service, as well as reduce the number of offers that are filed inappropriately, for example, only to delay collection. read more »


Kris Tefft has joined the Association of Washington Business Governmental Affairs staff, where he will serve as Director for Legal Affairs.

Tefft comes to AWB from the Building Industry Association of Washington where he served as legal counsel for the last three years. At BIAW, he developed an extensive in-house litigation practice, representing the association and its members as lead or co-counsel in 15 cases before the Washington Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. read more »

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