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Silverdale design guidelines approved

The Kitsap County Board of Commissioners approved design guidelines for downtown Silverdale in May. The guidelines include seven different districts between state routes 3 and 303. Because of the similarity of the proposed regulations for most of the districts, some county planning commissioners strongly advocated simplifying the process by only mandating four design districts. However, due to a vacant commission seat and the absence of two commissioners at the meeting, the 5-member approval vote requirement for action could not be met. Instead, the planning commission was forced to submit the guidelines to the county commissioners without making any recommendation. A minority report, consisting of the opinions of the four planning commissioners who voted in favor of the reduced number of districts was supposed to be forwarded to the county commissioners for their consideration, but reportedly never reached them.

A citizen advisory committee consisting of about two-dozen members worked for two years to create the guidelines. Some developers, however, felt they were much too cumbersome and confusing.

The county commissioners voted unanimously to approve the guidelines anyway, which will be incorporated into the county’s code.

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