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Seen as exclusive, McCormick Woods may offer the least expensive option

Left to Right: Shawn Cucciardi, Jeff Mehlert, co-owners McCormick WoodsPlaying golf and getting married may not have much in common, but one Kitsap County business is perfect for both. McCormick Woods, in addition to being one of state’s premier public golf courses, offers a full-service restaurant called the Clubhouse at McCormick Woods (www.clubhousemw.com) that is also a busy event venue hosting everything from children’s birthdays and weddings to corporate retreats and business meetings.

With a dedicated event planning staff on hand, the Clubhouse not only provides space but also complete planning services — at no extra charge. The only thing that staff members don’t do is mail out invitations, so the inviting is left mostly to the clients, but even with this aspect the venue employees are to help by posting flyers around the facility and sending out email invites. read more »


Cleo’ Landing, located at the corner of West Kingston Road and State Highway 104 in the Old town Waterfront district of Kingston, is a new meeting place for North Kitsap events. Situated two blocks from the ferry terminal on the main street of town, the facility underwent a major renovation in 2008-09. The Visitors Center of the Chamber of Commerce moved into the bright green cottage on the corner, new landscaping, flag poles, redecorated Art Gallery interiors, and the addition of a 650 sq. ft meeting space was added to the main building with the red roof. read more »


Event Planning TipsTightening the belt in this economy doesn’t mean your business can’t have a little party, or plan a company event like a retreat.

Here are a few money-saving ideas:

Schedule in the off-season or outside of peak times. There is nothing wrong with scheduling a holiday party in January instead of December, for example — it will get employees reenergized for the new year, and it avoids an extra chore read more »


Port Gamble PavilionWhen Ciara Maes of Bainbridge Island and Randal Powell of Boise, Idaho, tie the knot this August, they plan to celebrate the occasion in Port Gamble — with the sweeping view of Hood Canal in the background, water almost as far as the eye can see.

The couple wanted an outdoor reception, and the Hood Canal Vista Pavilion in the quaint town offered just the perfect setting.

“I loved the view… I saw a picture and fell in love with it,” Maes said.

This kind of reaction is what Pope Resources read more »


The following is a list of meeting facilities in Kitsap county and the surrounding vacinity. If any were not included in this list, please feel free to contact us to submit a business to be added into our list. read more »


Kiana LodgeLocated within a short drive from Poulsbo’s city center, Kiana Lodge lives up to its name — which means “garden of the gods” in Native American. The six-acre retreat on the shores of Agate Passage mixes a rustic atmosphere with a beautiful outdoor setting and hi-tech amenities. A busy spot for weddings (as many as 20 a week during the summer season), Kiana Lodge is also a popular destination for business events, corporate retreats, nonprofit fundraisers and various private parties.

“The comments from guests is that it’s absolutely read more »


Everyone’s tightening their belts due to the economic downturn, but that doesn’t mean your business can’t have a little party, or plan a company event like a retreat. Local planning experts offer the following suggestions to those looking to trim their event-planning budget:

Schedule in the off-season or outside of peak times. read more »


The Comfort Inn & Suites, located at the top of Kitsap Way in West Bremerton, will be opening its doors sometime this month. The hillside landmark was formerly known as the Bremerton Hotel, and before that it was a Howard Johnson franchise. Some longtime residents may remember that it was constructed by the late Joe Mentor and originally opened as a Holiday Inn in the 1970s.

In the past year and a half, the hotel has undergone a major remodeling, with new ownership and an entirely new look. read more »


The outdoors may provide a refreshing backdrop for a summer company event, and can lead to both a relaxing setting and an elegant one.

“Outdoor venues could be more enjoyable for events requiring more space, such as those with young kids running around. They could lend themselves beautifully to event planning, and can give you a chance to spread out,” says Anne Thatcher, co-owner of Poulsbo’s Farm Kitchen, which includes indoors and outdoors event spaces.

Planning an outdoor event is similar to an indoors one, but there are several new details to consider. read more »

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