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Come hear Franciscan orthopedic surgeon Dr. Patrick Vaughn, from Gig Harbor Orthopaedic Surgeons at the Best Western Wesley Inn, 6575 Kimball Dr., on April 10 from 6 to 7 p.m., as he shares information on new approaches to managing painful knees. Dr. Vaughn will talk about innovative options for treating knee pain before joint replacement is necessary. You’ll also learn about new techniques used during knee replacement to improve outcomes and manage post-operative pain.

Franciscan is committed to keeping its patients strong, mobile and pain free, and has performed more joint replacements than any other system in the South Sound. read more »


The recently renamed Kitsap Public Health District began the year 2012 not only with a new name and rebranded look, but also with a new strategic plan and a goal to be more efficient and visible during a tough economic time. The district has lost about a third of its staff within the past six years, along with several programs.

“There’s less money yet higher expectations. We had to be very strategic and clear about what public health does,” said Health Officer and Director Scott Lindquist, MD.

Changing the name from Kitsap County Health District helps clarify the district’s independence from county government while the strategic planning moves it closer to national accreditation — a growing trend among public health systems. As the accreditation becomes more common, Lindquist said the accredited districts will be the ones to receive federal funding. read more »


Kurt SchleyKurt Schley joined St. Anthony Hospital as its new president in February. He succeeds Carole Peet, who relocated in September to become president and chief executive officer of a 196-bed hospital in the Denver suburb of Westminster, Colo.

St. Anthony Hospital, located in Gig Harbor, is owned and operated by Franciscan Health System.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to join a great community hospital and to support Franciscan’s mission to improve the health and well-being of the residents of Gig Harbor, Key Peninsula, Port Orchard and other areas,” Schley said. read more »


Harrison Medical Center will break ground this spring on a three-story orthopedics hospital at its Silverdale campus. The $25 million facility, which will be built in two phases, will include 24 private patient rooms, four operating rooms and shelled-in space on the third floor for a second-phase expansion.

The hospital will be under Harrison ownership while being operated by a consortium of participating orthopedic surgeons from WestSound Orthopaedics, The Doctors Clinic and Peninsula Orthopaedics. read more »

Cover Story
Kitsap Mental Health, Harrison collaborate for primary care

Cover Story: L to R: Dr. David Beck, KMHS Medical Director; Dr. Hector Reyes, Harrison HealthPartners; Joe Roszak, KMHS Executive DirectorIndividuals with severe or chronic mental illness live 20 to 25 years less, on average, for a variety of reasons including poverty and lack of medical care. Kitsap Mental Health Services and Harrison Health Partners are trying to bridge the gap in health care access for these individuals by partnering up to offer primary care.

As part of the collaborative effort, a Harrison primary care physician offers weekly appointments at the KMHS outpatient offices. KMHS staff coordinate and facilitate the appointments, and the care is integrated into the patients’ case management.

“These people have difficulty accessing care. They feel comfortable here and with the people working with them here who can help them accomplish what they need,” said Dr. David Beck, KMHS medical director. read more »


Choosing to walk or bicycle to work in KitsapMany of our top New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight, save money, spend more time with family or friends, go greener, and reduce stress. What if just a few simple changes could accomplish all FIVE of these objectives?

Take your bicycle, walk or use the public transportation system. Consider making a simple switch from driving alone to commuting alternatives read more »


We would all like to live as long as we can and to be the healthiest we can be in the process. When we think of living a long time we often think of eating well and exercising as main contributors to a long life. However there are many aspects of growing older that can either enhance or inhibit our enjoyment of a long life.

In his book “the Blue Zones,” author Dan Buettner and his colleagues found that throughout the world, people who lived the longest had close communication with family, friends and their community. Staying in daily contact with family and friends was very important in almost every blue zone in the world and was found to be a key element of staying healthy and living long and meaningful lives. read more »


Run It by AlexaKimberly Gartland has never been able to become a runner, despite maintaining other fitness routines. But recently, Gartland made a breakthrough after only one month of training, and was already running three-mile distances after a few weeks.

Gartland worked with Alexa Martin, a Gig Harbor running coach whose goal is to motivate read more »


If you’re conscientious about your food choices for a healthy lifestyle, you probably know all about eating whole foods, fresh fruits and veggies and so on. But there’s more to good nutrition for optimum health, and it has nothing to do with counting calories or avoiding fats. Many nutritionists discourage people from following fad diets — which could even mean the low-fat, low-cholesterol kind — in favor of an individualized approach based on nutrient-rich, minimally processed foods that address individual needs. read more »

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