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Dr. Manfred Henne looks at images from an MRI scan at his clinic.Should you be worried if a medical imaging scan of your vital organs reveals an “incidentaloma”?

That dreaded “oma” suffix is associated with cancer, but this is a term for the incidental discovery of something — a mass, tumor or lesion — in a scan done for another purpose.

A notable case a couple years ago involved read more »

Whole-body vibration machines a new twist at local storage business

Kitsap Lake Storage owners Chuck and Patty Bair are shown using the Proellixe vibration fitness machines they installed for customers to use at their business.There’s a different vibe at Kitsap Lake Storage and U-Haul center in Bremerton, and it’s not just because you walk into a space that looks more like a stylish retail site than a typically drab truck rental office.

It’s literally a vibration.

Owners Chuck and Patty Bair recently added a new element to their business at 6400 Kitsap Way, clearing out a storage area to install two Proellixe whole-body vibration machines. They are touted as providing a 10-minute, sweat-free session that can give users the equivalent fitness benefits of an hour or more of exercise or conditioning workouts at a gym. read more »


Chart outside the Thermal Body Scans Northwest office lists potential benefits of the scans.A thermal body scan produces colorful digital images showing heat patterns on or near the surface of a patient’s body. It’s sometimes offered at chiropractor’s offices, and is marketed as a safe, non-invasive screening that can be a key component in a preventive health care approach.

However, claims of early detection of breast cancer and other conditions draw skeptical reactions from doctors read more »


Joe WilczekHarrison Medical Center is ringing in the new year with a list of several big changes, from two new facilities to the likely change to corporate ownership.

The pending affiliation with Franciscan Health System, which could happen as early as June, could perhaps be considered the biggest milestone of 2013 — considering it will change how the independent, nonprofit healthcare organization has operated for 94 years since its founding. Franciscan, which owns five hospitals including St. Anthony in Gig Harbor and St. Joseph in Tacoma, was selected by Harrison’s board of directors among 12 initial contenders and three finalists.

Harrison CEO Scott Bosch said the board looked at criteria read more »


Harrison Medical Center has been an independent system for nearly a century, and the CEO says it could remain so, but Harrison is close to completing a partnership agreement with a larger health care system.

Speaking at the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon on Sept. 18, president and CEO Scott Bosch addressed the “potential for Harrison to deviate from its 94-year history of being an independent organization.”

Harrison’s 16-member board of directors and an advisory committee have spent most of this year in a process to recruit and evaluate possible merger partners, and Bosch said a decision may come soon. read more »


There is a lot of evidence out there to remind us to stay active, moving and socializing. Physical fitness immediately comes to mind when we think of staying active, but staying mentally active is also equally as important, if not more so for long-term health benefits. It has been shown by researchers who study longevity that keeping connected to one’s family, home or work community is crucial to long-term mental health and can help us avoid a myriad of health issues such as dementia, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. There is now evidence that links hearing loss with the above mentioned chronic conditions. read more »


Washington state’s health insurance exchange pool, created as part of the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), is close to a ruling that will impact the insurance coverage offered in the state starting in 2014.

The ACA was enacted in 2010 and comes into full effect on Jan. 1, 2014, although some of its requirements already have been implemented.

One of the requirements is to create insurance pools, called exchanges, where both individuals and companies with up to 50 full-time employees can buy insurance plans. Although these businesses are exempt from the ACA requirement for employers to provide insurance, they can receive tax incentives for doing so. The purpose of the exchanges includes creating access for uninsured individuals as well as a mechanism for qualified individuals and businesses to get tax credits. The exchange will be acting as a conduit for the tax credits, which will be issued by the IRS. read more »

Nonprofit Lindquist Dental to break ground at youth wellness campus

A nonprofit dental clinic’s partnership with the Boys and Girls Club in Gig Harbor and Tacoma is working well. That partnership will continue with a slightly different space-sharing arrangement when Lindquist Dental Clinic for Children and the Boys and Girls Club both become part of the planned youth wellness campus in Bremerton.

“It’s been a long process to get this off the ground,” said Carolyn McDougal, president and CEO of Lindquist Dental. “But we’re going to break ground in October.” read more »


Mackie CargillThe Affordable Care Act, which kicks in on Jan. 1, 2014, has been on the minds of many small business employers. With the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of the reform earlier this summer, businesses are looking to understand what the impending changes will mean for their bottom lines.

The Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal turned to Bainbridge Island’s Carney-Cargill, Inc., the largest health insurance brokerage on the Kitsap Peninsula, with questions about the ACA. The firm, called an insurance “producer” in official terms, works with more than 40 insurance companies to provide various life and health insurance plans, both for individuals and for small groups up to 200 employees. read more »

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