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Environment and Ecology

In January 2006 Kitsap County’s health department’s environmental testing lab closed its doors. This has proven to be a huge boon for Twiss Analytical Laboratories of Poulsbo. Now the only water and environmental testing lab this side of Puget Sound, Twiss Analytical has increased its business by around 25 percent, according to Becky Twiss, vice president of marketing and sales for the lab.

“It has had a significant impact on our business,” she said. read more »


On September 29, the City of Poulsbo reported a 532,621-gallon spill of raw sewage discharged from a 4-5 inch hole in the force main of the 4,000 ft iron ductile pipe that runs along the beach between Lindvig Road and the Marine Science Center into the north end of Liberty Bay.

This may have broken a near 10-year state record… if not for the fact that the undiscovered leak occurred over a period of 21 days. read more »


As the Bremerton Visitor and Relocation Guide says so well, it’s “no wonder so many people want to work, live and play in our area,” with the “sparkling waters, majestic mountains, and tall evergreens that make it so breathtakingly beautiful.” Clearly, our environment is an economic asset worth protecting, and the Great Peninsula Conservancy provides tools that can help local communities achieve that goal. read more »


Recent events just prove that GOOD things may come to those that wait, and the Illahee Forest Stewards have borne more than their share of waiting and hoping to protect this important resource at imminent risk of development. read more »


Water. Life can’t exist without it. It has led to the rise and fall of civilizations. World Bank officials say this century’s wars will be fought over it. About water in the West, Mark Twain quipped, “Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting over.” Fortunately, the Kitsap Peninsula is blessed with plenty of this life sustaining resource — right?

Yes and no. read more »


It’s Saturday afternoon and you are climbing over the stuff in the back room, wishing you had some storage space. If you knew what to do with everything, you’d clean it out.

The good news is, there are places for things to go and some convenient options for obtaining the information you seek.

Take the Internet. Day or night, you can go online to the Recycle and Disposal Lookup table maintained by the Kitsap County Solid Waste Division at kitsapgov.com/sw. read more »


Rodney Dangerfield passed away in October. Someone commented that he was finally getting the respect that he constantly pursued throughout his comedy career. I sometimes wonder if our water supply is getting the respect it deserves, or will that respect only come after the demise of the affordable, easy to obtain water supply we all depend on? read more »


The Puget Sound Action Team recently announced that $790,000 in awards will go to 14 organizations to help Hood Canal. The projects are aimed at increasing the all-time low levels of dissolved oxygen in Hood Canal and helping to improve the quality of water for fish, shrimp and other marine life. read more »


I often enjoy looking back to gauge how far we have come in improving the green building environment. There is an interesting evolution to the theme as we enter a new phase of green. read more »

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