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Paratransit recognizes employee’s 25 years

Patricia Binns, the corporate safety, training and audit manager for Paratransit Services, was recently honored by the local nonprofit company for 25 years of service. 

Binns, who has been with Paratransit Services since 1988, is a certified Federal Transit Administration/Department of Transportation Driver Trainer, and a National Safety Council-certified instructor. She provides driver training support for Paratransit Services staff at all of the company’s public transit locations in Washington, Oregon and Northern California. 

Additionally, in Bremerton, where Paratransit Services operates a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) brokerage under contract with the State Health Care Authority, Binns teaches driver training classes for NEMT ride providers.

During a recognition ceremony at corporate headquarters in Bremerton on June 10, Paratransit Services president/CEO David Baker presented Binns with a “25 Years of Service” pin and other gifts, and expressed appreciation for all the contributions she has made to the company over the years. 


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