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Michael H. Anderson, MDRecently retired Rear Admiral Michael H. Anderson, MD, has joined Harrison Medical Center as the organization’s new chief medical officer.

Anderson most recently served as the medical officer to the Marine Corps, and as Director, Health Services, Headquarters USMC. He helped achieve a transformational relationship with the Department of Veterans Affairs that established a new form of joint healthcare delivery. He also established new clinical standards for garrison healthcare within the Navy’s operational forces and later served as the Navy’s Medical Inspector General. read more »


Franciscan Health System (FHS) in partnership with the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) and leading health systems and clinics in the region has established the Center of Occupational Health & Education (COHE) of Western Washington. The COHE program is designed to improve injured worker outcomes and reduce disability through the education and implementation of occupational health best practices by clinicians, and to support care coordination of workers through health service coordinators.

The COHE of Western Washington will be the largest COHE in the state to date. Franciscan has a long-standing relationship of working with communities and industries in South Puget Sound to make sure their workers stay healthy. read more »


Dr. Carl EhresmanThe North Mason Chamber of Commerce will hold its monthly membership luncheon July 24, featuring Dr. Carl Ehresman giving a presentation on “Tracking Wellness in the Modern Workplace.”

Ehresman is a chiropractor (www.belfairwellness.com) who will discuss the challenges of a busy work/life schedule, and how it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He will talk about the protective benefits of exercise and what people can do to achieve wellness every day — from the breakfast table to the break room.

The event will be at Theler Community Center in Belfair, with networking at 11:30 a.m. and the program from noon to 1 p.m. read more »


Member Plus Family Health on Bainbridge Island has added Dr. Blain Crandell as the second physician with the practice founded by Dr. Gregory Keyes.

Crandell, who is returning to Bainbridge Island after a year practicing medicine in rural New Zealand, is a board-certified family physician who brings personal expertise in nutrition and dietary health, ADD/ADHD treatment, and dermatology. He has been an active member of the Bainbridge community, having served on the Bainbridge School District Health Advisory Team.

Member Plus Family Health, which is expanding its facilities at 123 Bjune Ave., was designed by Keyes to merge the best practices of traditional family medicine with the latest communication technology to offer patients a new standard of personalized health care. A modest monthly membership fee is what enables this type of health service provider to manage and plan around patients’ schedules. read more »

AWB Commentary

Summer is blockbuster movie season, a time when Hollywood releases its biggest productions.

In our nation’s capital, the political version of a blockbuster, “The Affordable Care Act: Obamacare,” is now making its debut. But early previews suggest it’s not quite ready for the big screen.

Case in point: In regulations quietly released on Friday during the July 4 holiday, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) informed 16 state exchanges and the District of Columbia that they need not confirm that people seeking taxpayer subsidies for health insurance premiums actually qualify. This only serves to undermine the financial integrity of the Affordable Care Act. read more »


More than a year after the controversial recommendations of a U.S. expert panel to discontinue PSA screening for prostate cancer, the impact on patients is still unclear. But local cancer experts, along with many others nationwide, continue to advocate for the test.

“PSA screening, when done intelligently, still saves lives. Medicare data shows that since we started PSA screening, the number of men who come in with metastatic prostate cancer (too late to cure) has been reduced by about 75 percent,” said Dr. R. Alex Hsi, co-founder of Peninsula Cancer Center (peninsulacancercenter.com) and Peninsula Prostate Institute. “If you stop screening, what do you think will happen to that data?” read more »


The number of insurers offering nongroup plans to consumers this fall in state-run health insurance exchanges will be much greater than the current number, according to an analysis from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). The foundation’s State Health Reform Assistance Network compared insurers offering plans prior to national health reform with insurers applying to operate in state exchanges. The analysis uses data from all 10 states, including Washington, that have released information on carriers that will operate in their insurance marketplaces.

Across the 10 states, the number of carriers offering individual insurance coverage will increase substantially, from 52 to 70 plans — an increase of 35 percent — according to the report. read more »

Benefits include enhanced vision and dexterity during complex operations, and better patient outcomes

Dr. Cindy Mosbrucker looks into the viewfinder and uses her fingers to remotely manipulate surgical tools during an operation performed with the da Vinci robotic system at St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor. (Tom Owens photo courtesy Franciscan Health System)When Dr. Cindy Mosbrucker joined the staff of Franciscan Health System in 2008, she was already a highly experienced surgeon, but she soon discovered a new tool that hadn’t been available at the hospitals where she worked previously.

That tool is the da Vinci robotic operating system, and Mosbrucker said she realized the advantages it offered — for both patients and surgeons — over laparoscopy, the surgical technique she was skilled in.

“St. Joe’s (Franciscan’s St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma) at that time had two da Vinci robots, and I got trained on using the system as soon as I got up here,” she said. “Since then I’ve done over 500.”

She and a couple other Franciscan surgeons are now doing robotic procedures at St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor, which recently got a da Vinci system. Franciscan also purchased a “robot,” as surgeons refer to them, for St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way last year.

Mosbrucker is a urogynocologist and one procedure she specializes in is a complex surgery for difficult cases of endometriosis read more »


Kitsap Cardiology Consultants and Kitsap Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine have announced their affiliation with Harrison HealthPartners effective July 1.

Both practices said the affiliation with Harrison will help them achieve their goal of providing affordable and accessible health care to patients as the practices continue to grow.

Announcements from the two practices said they will benefit from the affiliation by being able to “contract with more insurance plans, reduce healthcare costs, and make our services available to those who need us most.”

The announcements also noted that little will change for patients, and that each practice’s physicians and other providers will continue to see patients at the current clinic locations. read more »

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