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A Helping Hand Homecare, a local provider of comprehensive companionship and in-home care services, announced the acquisition of the assets of a local branch of Senior Helpers and its revenues of nearly half a million dollars. read more »


Dr. Sandy Bochonok has recently become the Director of Counseling and Bereavement at Hospice of Kitsap County. She is an ordained minister and former registered nurse who served in the U.S Navy during the first Persian Gulf War in 1991. Past president of the Bremerton Ministerial Association, Bochonok has assisted communities affected by violent deaths and as a temporary spiritual counselor. read more »

Smarts & Solutions

Hitting the bottom of the barrel is a sentiment we are all familiar with and one we would like to avoid experiencing. Now simply used as a idiomatic turn on a phrase — times were when “the bottom of the barrel” was a reference to the fruit no one wanted — perceived as being bruised and spoiled — because it had sat at the bottom under the weight of all the fruit that lie on top. read more »


“You have nothing to lose but your pain,” is the motto if Rudy Lumactod’s Walk in Comfort business. Lumactod, a certified shoe fitter, believes that proper foot support will lend itself to a healthy body.

At Walk in Comfort, Lumactod sells custom fit orthopedics to help realign and balance your body while providing comfort and relief for your feet. He explains that proper foot support is a key function to your body’s daily functioning.

“If you take care of one part of your body, then it’ll take care of the rest,” he said. read more »


The Senior Living Communities of Stafford Suites, Ridgemont Terrace and Belmont Terrace announced that Nina Lilyquist has been hired as its new regional community relations director. She has over 14 years of experience in the hospitality and senior health care fields.

For information call (360)731-2696.


The Employment Policies Institute (EPI) is launching a $10 million, high-saturation advertising campaign to educate the public about the unintended consequences of doing too much, too fast when it comes to health care reform. The possible dangers include adding to our already out-of-control national debt and placing burdens on job creation. read more »

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