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Harrison begins search for Bosch’s replacement

By Rodika Tollefson

KPBJ contributor

 Harrison Medical Center has formed a 10-member search committee that will select a replacement for CEO Scott Bosch. Bosch announced at the end of March that he will retire on July 31.

Jim Civilla, chairman of the Harrison board of directors, will chair the search committee. The committee, which had its first meeting on April 21, is comprised of several board members as well as physicians from the community, members of staff and Franciscan Health System CEO Joe Wilczek —who has also announced his retirement, effective at the end of the year.

The search will take four to six months, according to Civilla. The committee selected Spencer Stuart, a global executive search and leadership consulting firm based in Los Angeles, to conduct a national search. The firm will narrow down the pool of candidates to about 15 and the search committee will select the top five or six for interviews. The committee will make its recommendation to the board, and the board in turn will forward its endorsement to Franciscan for formal approval. 

The title of CEO for Harrison is changing to president to reflect the structure under Franciscan, following Harrison’s affiliation with the organization last year. But the duties remain the same, Civilla said.

“We are still a local board and we will make decisions that are best for this community,” he said. “The new president will be someone that hopefully the community will embrace. … We’re looking for someone who will be the face of Harrison because we’re still a local hospital.”

With the Franciscan Health System affiliation process to take another two to three years to complete, the new president will be joining Harrison at a transitional time. The board of directors is also undergoing strategic planning and the president will get the chance to be involved in that process.

“This will need to be a person who can balance being a local hospital with having an affiliation with a major organization,” Civilla said.

The final candidates will each go through a host of interviews with several groups, including staff, over one or two days (a process sometimes referred to as “loop interviews.”) Civilla anticipates that the top two finalists will be invited back with their families for more informal visits including dinner meetings.

Civilla and Harrison board vice president Kelly Nelson, who is also on the search committee, will be serving at the same time on the search committee to replace Wilczek. “This will be a benefit because we’ll be able to make sure there’s a cultural fit between the organizations and the future leaders,” he said.

Wilczek, who has been Franciscan’s CEO for 16 years, announced his retirement in February. The selection committee for his replacement will include three members each from the Harrison, Franciscan and Highline Medical Center boards, according to Franciscan spokesperson Scott Thompson. He said the names of the committee members are not being released.

The process is expected to take about six months, and the committee will work with Michael Rowan, chief operating officer and president of health system delivery for Catholic Health Initiatives, parent company of FHS.

“Our desire is to have a decision by the end of 2014, with the selected candidate starting in early 2015. The decision-making process will include feedback from stakeholder groups, interviews with CHI leadership and an executive leadership assessment,” Thompson said via email.

 The final decision about the new CEO will be made by Rowan and the selection committee, which was slated to meet toward the end of April to launch the process.

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