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Rosenblatt reestablishes practice as Integrated Wellness Center

Dr. Julie Rosenblatt has been a chiropractor since 1995 on Bainbridge Island. After taking two years off to pursue her Healing Waters Therapy practice, she has returned. The new center will continue to offer water therapy, but the main focus is now on chiropractic healing and Rosenblatt has added another chiropractor, Dr. Christopher Andruscavage to help meet client’s needs.

In addition, Integrated Wellness Center offers the same Erchonia Low Level Laser Therapy that Lance Armstrong uses as well as the protocol developed by Lance’s chiropractors. Low Level Laser Therapy is effective in treating acute and chronic pain and inflammation, soft tissue sprains and strains, intervertebral disc conditions, sciatica, and many other common ailments.

The center offers massage therapy, aqua fitness classes and other healing classes that are open to the community. It is also home to affiliates offering life, business and nutritional coaching, acupuncture, herbal therapy and Hakomi therapy.

For more information, reach the Integrated Wellness Center at (206) 842-4219.

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