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Olympic CollegeBREMERTON — The Nursing Assistant program at Olympic College, which was discontinued, is scheduled to begin again with the start of fall quarter on September 24, and is currently accepting new enrollees.

Nursing Assistant students can complete a five-module certification course that prepares them to take the Washington State Nursing Assistant examination. read more »


Business Examiner

A new report on the state of science, technology, engineering and math education shows that Washington and many states around the country provide insufficient opportunities for STEM education, even though most of the jobs of the future will require STEM skills.

The Vital Signs report from Change the Equation (CTEq) was designed to provide business, education and policy leaders with information and recommendations to promote high-quality STEM learning for all students.

The results for Washington confirmed the deep systemic shortage of STEM education opportunities that prompted business, education and community leaders to form Washington STEM more than a year ago. read more »


Business Examiner

Continuing education increases both employee income and corporate, according to a research paper entitled Lifelong Education and Labor Market Needs.

The results, which were reported in the online newspaper The EvoLLLution, showed that 96 percent of employers said continuing education improves job performance and 87 percent said it has a positive impact on pay scale, with many citing a direct correlation, especially in the health care field.

The research also showed that education allows employees to manage the skills gap between entry-level and mid-level positions, thus facilitating advancement — with 78 percent of employers factoring continuing education into promotions. read more »


An open house at Olympic College on Sept. 11 will give local manufacturing employers a chance to review the aerospace training opportunities available through the Air Washington project.

This informational event will be held from 2-4:30 p.m. at the West Sound Technical Skills Center, 101 National Ave. N. in Bremerton.

The open house will highlight the programs that primarily benefitted from Air Washington grant funding this year: Composites Manufacturing Technology, Electronics, and Manufacturing-Precision Machining. Employers will hear from faculty regarding program offerings, learn about manufacturing opportunities in our region, tour the new manufacturing shop at the Skills Center, and network with other employers. read more »


Looking for a career in culinary arts and hospitality management? Join Olympic College’s Culinary Arts Institute for an information session from 1-2:30 p.m. on Sept. 6 at the Bremer Student Center located on OC’s Bremerton campus.

This nationally accredited program offers courses in Baking for Restaurants and Institutions, Catering and Banquets, International Cuisine, Fine Dining, ServSafe and more.

Fall quarter starts Sept. 24. Financial assistance, worker retraining and scholarships may be available to qualified students. read more »


OLYMPIA — Supporters of Initiative 1240, a measure that would allow a limited number of public charter schools in Washington state, have submitted more than 350,000 voter signatures to the Secretary of State — over 100,000 more signatures than needed to place the measure on the November statewide ballot.

“The fact that so many voters across the state stepped forward and signed our petitions in record time clearly shows that Washingtonians want another opportunity to vote on allowing public charter schools in our state,” said Shannon Campion, executive director of the Washington chapter of Stand for Children, one of the groups supporting the initiative. read more »


Sherri MillerGateway Christian Schools announced the recent appointment of Sherri Miller as the Coordinator of District Admissions. She will oversee all elements of new student enrollment and retention as well as community outreach.

Miller previously served in a similar capacity overseeing Crosspoint Academy admissions and marketing for nearly five years. For the past two decades, she has been heavily involved in Crosspoint’s Theatre and Music Department as an active parent and volunteer. She also has served as a co-leader on four Crosspoint mission trips to Guatemala. read more »


We all know about the nation’s weak economy and tough job market, but the prolonged recession is hitting high school and college students as well.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the number of high school students with jobs is at its lowest level in more than 20 years. In 1990, 32 percent of high school students held jobs, compared with 16 percent today.

The anemic economy is largely to blame.

According to the Washington Times, sectors that traditionally offer teens their first gig, such as fast-food chains, movie theaters, malls and retailers, have become the last resort for out-of-work college graduates or older Americans forced back into the job market. read more »


During his term as Washington’s governor, Gary Locke’s mantra was “education is the great equalizer.” Locke, now the U.S. Ambassador to China, was correct, but in our country, today education is becoming the great separator.

Here’s the problem.

First, far too many students drop out of high school — nearly 7,000 each day. That adds up to about 1.2 million students a year who don’t graduate with their peers.

The consequences are clear. Forbes reports that in 2009, the average high school dropout made $19,540 a year, 40 percent less than their classmates who graduate. The deficit continues into the workplace, where the unemployment rate for dropouts is double that of graduates. read more »

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