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The Last Word

Will Rogers said, “There’s no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you.” That sums up my feelings about a lot of what’s happened around here lately.

While it seemed to be a moot point, Bainbridge Island resident James Olson insisted on challenging Josh Brown’s residency to the county Canvassing Board claiming he had “clear and convincing evidence” to prove Brown didn’t live at the address he claimed. read more »


The controversy surrounding Josh Brown’s official residence may be settled by the time you read this — but maybe not. Visiting judge, Craddock D. Verser of Jefferson County set a Feb, 5 date to hear CK resident Robert Ross’ lawsuit alleging Brown intentionally lied about his official residency and is not a resident of the district he was elected from, nor has he ever lived in the Perry Avenue apartment he listed as his residence on his declaration of candidacy.  read more »


I’ve had a lot of feedback from Republicans concerning my opinion last issue about what I thought needed to happen for the local party to become viable again. While some strongly disagreed, there were others who stated it was time someone finally said it out loud.

I’m sorry if anyone was offended, but the facts speaks for themselves. read more »


And the saga of downtown Port Orchard’s marquee continues… After spending $42,000 for a non-local consulting firm to define the scope of work necessary and estimate the cost of repairing the marquee, the firm apparently missed the fact there was lead paint to be removed, adding significantly to the cost. Now, with the rebuilding work well underway, it was discovered that there is dry rot in the major supports. The city council is now faced with either spending an unanticipated — and unbudgeted — $117,000 to just tear the marquee down, or in excess of $300,000 to repair it.  read more »


The recent departure of David Porter as Executive Director of the Kitsap Economic Development Council (KEDC) has opened the door for some positive changes where the organization is concerned.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m the immediate past chair of the KEDC, and a current member of its executive committee and board. For many years, I was perhaps its most vocal and persistent critic, until being lured onto the board several years ago hoping to help facilitate positive changes — some of which have actually occurred. read more »


There’s no point rehashing the election. Republicans got an old-fashioned ass-kicking nationwide at every level of government from dogcatcher to Congress, thanks to the President, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. This election was a referendum on the huge mess they’ve created in Iraq that’s draining our country’s resources, and has cost us the respect of most of the rest of the world.  read more »


I attended the recent presentation to Lt. Governor Brad Owen and the legislative economic development committee about the NASCAR proposal. Frankly, I was surprised there were only a handful of opponents present, while the room overflowed with supporters, and many had to listen from outside the meeting room. International Speedway Corporation did an outstanding job of presenting a panel of recognized experts to explain the facts of the proposal to the legislators present, and answer their questions.  read more »


This is being written in late October for publication Nov. 1. By the time some of you actually receive and read it, the outcome of the commissioner’s race may already be known. With that in mind, and not knowing the results as this is written, what I offer are some personal observations.

The choices were two very distinct and different candidates: Ultra-liberal Democrat Josh Brown and conservative Republican Jack Hamilton. read more »


Josh Brown, the 20-something Democratic Kitsap County Commission hopeful, took umbrage with an earlier piece I penned about him in this space. Much of it was based on a vague, poorly written, press release Brown sent me that was only notable for its amateurishness. The other part concerned comments he made while speaking to the 26th District Democrats. He took exception to the way that was reported as well.  read more »

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