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The Last Word

Some new local faces make for interesting commentary. The Kitsap Economic Development Alliance has hired a new executive director, Bill Stewart. Financially beleaguered Westsound Bank has a new CEO, Terry A. Peterson. And local Republicans actually recruited a candidate, Tim Matthes, for the south end commissioner’s seat.


With our Healthcare Quarterly appearing this issue, the following seems especially timely…

The blog entries published in a recent issue of the Kitsap Sun debating universal healthcare seemed to me to totally miss the point. One side argued we have the best health care available on the planet, and socializing medicine will significantly reduce the quality, but not necessarily the cost.

The other side claimed the problem is not enough people have access to healthcare because of the cost, which is driven up by greedy drug manufacturers and insurance companies. read more »


For children of the 60s, like me, this presidential election represents a turning point in American history. It seemingly represents a lot of the change we all believed in and worked for. Senator Barack Obama, a highly charismatic African-American man — one who isn’t Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton — is being embraced by people of all persuasions. He is, as the Reverend Martin Luther King predicted in his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, being judged not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character. read more »


Republican candidate for Governor Dino Rossi recently visited Kitsap, establishing a high-powered local fundraising committee that includes some local Democrats — or as he calls them, “Dinocrats.”

In the interest of full disclosure let me say up front Rossi and I are personal friends, and I serve of the board of the pro-business organization he founded, the Forward Washington Foundation.

Can he win? read more »


I attended the recent Puget Sound Regional Council public hearing held in the Commissioner’s Chambers, and have been following the editorial commentary on the local blogs and in Letters to the Editor since then.

The job of the PSRC is to do regional planning for King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties. It has crafted a plan called “Vision 2040,” that supposedly is our road map for land use and transportation planning, between now until then. read more »


The Washington State Supreme Court has once again demonstrated its elitist contempt for the voters of this state by insulting our intelligence and overturning Tim Eyman’s I-747. Its rationale was that we voters are too stupid to understand what we passed by a landslide back in 2001 — in spite of the fact it more than likely kept a much stronger tax revolt at bay as property values soared in recent years. read more »


It’s been a whirlwind few weeks for me since the last issue, which has included two bouts of minor eye surgery, dealing with two family deaths in three months, as well as embarking on a major political journey. In case you aren’t aware, after a brief flirtation with a legislative run last year, I’ve decided to run for Mayor of Port Orchard.  read more »


“We just don’t see any point in beating our head against the wall any more,” lamented Grant Lynch, vice president of International Speedway Corporation . He said that in a pre-announcement courtesy call to tell me ISC was shutting down its efforts to build a NASCAR-style speedway in Kitsap County. The company will also take a charge against earnings of between $5 and 6 million for its efforts.  read more »


In recent conversations with people familiar with the workings of the local Republican Party, I’ve been told perennial candidate Lois McMahan, and fellow right-wing religious extremist Ron Boehme, are planning to run as a “team” for the two 26th District House seats up next year.

My initial reaction was to laugh out loud and ask, “This is a joke, right?” My original source assured me it wasn’t, saying they plan to take on Democratic incumbents Pat Lantz and freshman Larry — you wouldn’t want NASCAR fans living next door to YOU— Seaquist.

What are they thinking about? read more »

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