The Last Word

Do you feel gas prices will ever come down? Me either. But how much of the current situation is really attributable to the lack of refinery capacity due to damage caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita? Oil companies couldn’t have manufactured a better excuse to raise prices than two natural disasters within three weeks. That lack of capacity can’t possibly be linked to the fact that environmental restrictions have prevented any new oil refineries from being built anywhere in America in more than 30 years, could it?  read more »


The announcement that everyone has either waited for — or dreaded — finally came. International Speedway Corporation announced that it has selected Kitsap County as the site of a new, $250 million racetrack to be built in the Pacific Northwest.

Our elected officials, ISC and the Kitsap Economic Development Council, which has supplied ISC with demographic and other decision making information for the last year and half, are all committed to a completely open, honest, and transparent public process. read more »


Recently, a small, but vocal, minority initiated a public campaign to discredit certain elected officials by circulating a purloined copy of a Kitsap Economic Development Council document. The document contains the information International Speedway Corporation requested when the original issue of possibly locating a NASCAR track in Washington originally surfaced almost two years ago. ISC requested similar packages from numerous other jurisdictions besides Kitsap County — both in Washington and Oregon. read more »


It’s incumbent upon me to comment on a guest editorial in the Port Orchard Independent by Mary Colborn, writing as a private citizen, not as her usual community columnist self. read more »

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