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The Last Word

I think it goes without saying that once again, we are left with county commissioner choices that are unacceptable to the vast majority of Kitsap residents, and we will once again be forced to vote for the candidate we believe to be the least radical in his views.

Josh Brown is an arrogant, unemployed, 25-year old who has yet to articulate an original thought, and doesn’t have enough real-life business experience to manage a self-service car wash much less administer the $307,314,431 corporation of Kitsap County and its 1268 employees. read more »


Now that I’m not running for public office, I get to go back to sitting in the catbird seat observing and commenting on local politics — because there are no political ramifications for myself.

In the upcoming election, at least in my view, the President’s unpopularity coupled with the local Republicans’ inability to attract moderate candidates should help the Democrats increase their stranglehold on both houses of our legislature. read more »


The Kitsap County Public Works Building, constructed in 1992, needs over $1 million in repairs. Part of it is because materials unsuitable for this climate were used, but there’s also an issue of substandard construction — things like windows being installed upside down and backwards.

Am I the only one who sees the irony in the Public Works Building being located directly across the street from where all the county’s building inspectors work? read more »


I was amused reading Editor Scott Ware’s Super Bowl Sunday defense of the Kitsap Sun’s coverage of the NASCAR issue. He made mention of my last column chastising his paper for its coverage — but didn’t refute a single fact I presented.

However, he did say the editorial board member I criticized for being the spokesperson for the opposition group C.H.E.C.K., Linda Webb, was now an “inactive” member of that organization. read more »


Am I the only one who believes our local daily newspaper has compromised itself ethically over its coverage of the NASCAR issue? It appears to me at least, that the Kitsap Sun opposes the project and is systematically abusing its position of community trust by attempting to influence public opinion against it. read more »


Now that the “Holidays” are over, the flap about who “attacked” Christmas —conservatives or liberals — must be as well.

A friend of mine went to Wal-Mart to buy a “Holiday Tree,” figuring he would stock up since they were on sale. He asked for trees for Christmas, Easter, July 4th, Mother’s Day, and Veteran’s Day. Kind of points out the absurdity — not to mention hypocrisy — of that whole “Holiday” nonsense, doesn’t it?  read more »


In the time I’ve served on the Kitsap County Planning Commission, it’s been my policy not to comment on issues before us, or ones we’re likely to see. The county’s controversial Critical Areas Ordinance has been no exception.

However, now that the Planning Commission has passed the CAO on to the commissioners for a decision, I believe it’s appropriate to express my concerns not only about Draft 2 of the CAO, but about the process itself, as well as the coverage of this issue by our local media. read more »


As you’ve probably heard by now, I’ve filed the necessary Public Disclosure Commission forms to run for political office. It is my intent to be elected to the 26th District Senate seat currently occupied by Bob Oke. read more »


The recent Supreme Court decision on Eminent Domain isn’t just scary, it’s downright wrong. It basically says the government can take your house or place of business if the opportunity exists to replace it with something generating more tax revenue — like a Wal-Mart, for example.

In my view, this will do nothing in the long term but create a new class of homeless people — those with low to middle incomes. These are typically folks living in the least expensive housing, which will now become low-hanging fruit for developers stalking business opportunities. read more »

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