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Obama: Best or worst president?

“I read with some incredulity your statements in your recent article about Obama’s reelection,” writes Tim Thompson of Bainbridge Island.

“Foremost amongst them was a quote from Miss (Peggy) Noonan stating that she hadn’t heard a single person say they loved Obama as president.

Now, in fairness, I’d have to say that in eight years, I never heard anyone I know say that they loved George W., but it would have been naive of me to assume that there weren’t a substantial number of people across the U.S. that were sincerely happy that he was leading our country.

“So let me hereby state that I love Barack Obama as my president. In fact, I’m happier with him as president than anyone else who has held the office in my adult life. Not only do I respect and admire his administration, I don’t know a single person in my professional circle that doesn’t feel the same way.

“I’ve been an international travel photographer for the past forty years, having done several assignments for National Geographic, plus producing eight single photographer books on subjects ranging from Puget Sound, the Pacific Coastline, Ireland and the Alps. I’ve joined a couple of organizations for travel writers and shooters and some fellow members have become close friends. Most are in their mid to late sixties, like myself.

“We all are strong supporters of President Obama and are thrilled to have a person in the White House who is intelligent, thoughtful and committed to taking our country in a direction far more promising than that created by the Republican debacle of the Bush years. Let me be clear. I think Obama’s achievements during his term of office have been exceptional. Not only did he avert a global financial meltdown brought on by the massive financial greed of Wall Street, he has been able to put into law a medical system that will finally be able to start providing health guarantees to most people here that similar to what has been available to virtually every other developed country in the world for 50 years. He’s doing just great. Yes, I certainly believe and fervently hope that Barack Obama will be reelected for another four years. But it won’t be because he managed to beat out a better Republican opponent.”

Well, I’d say he certainly has fooled you, and your friends, Mr. Thompson, or else you have very poor memories. As poor as Obama himself, who spent 20 years in the pews of the America-hating Rev. Wright and doesn’t recall a single word of the hate the Reverend spewed. He promised transparent government with bills explained before being signed and rammed through a health bill no one had read or wanted. He hired himself at least 33 “czars” to run parts of his administration, the intent to avoid confirmation and examination by the Senate.

One of his first acts in the White House was to send a bust of Winston Churchill back to the British Embassy to demonstrate his lack of respect for that elder statesman. He also promptly sent money to the Palestinians who were firing rockets into Israel, and later tried to force Israel to agree to withdraw its territory to the lines by which the armistice was signed ending the war launched on Israel by its Arab neighbors.

He bowed and scraped to foreign leaders. He proposed negotiating with the likes of Iran. He promised to close Gitmo and bring our troops home from Iraq, neither yet done. He sent troops into Libya, which had not threatened us. He put a moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, yet loaned Brazil $2 billion for oil exploration and said we would be one of its customers. He promoted redistribution of wealth and ponied up billions of dollars to try to beef up the economy, where unemployment continues to soar.

He did manage one thing. He now replaces Jimmy Carter as our worst ever president.

(Adele Ferguson can be reached at P.O. Box 69, Hansville, Wa., 98340.)

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