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Letters to the Editor
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Letters To The Editor

Nancy Pelosi’s “Lame Duck” session of Congress will be pushing for amnesty for Illegal aliens. Even though they lost by huge margins in the recent elections — the same left-wing crowd is pushing for amnesty again.

We all know that the far Left has been pushing for years to get full amnesty for all 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. But now they know their time is short — this is their last chance to pass it before they lose their majority, and the Tea Party Republicans take over Congress. read more »

Letters To The Editor

Apparently Columbia Bank isn’t making better loan decisions than the predecessor American Marine Bank.

To help finance our growth, we opened a very small line of credit at American Marine three years ago. We let them know if they stuck with us and increased it as needed we would move our operating account to their bank and they would see cash flow of a few million dollars in this coming year. At the time, most of our funds were at Key who had given us an unsecured line five times as large. read more »

Letters To The Editor

I asked Representatives Jan Angel, Larry Seaquist, and Senator Derek Kilmer earlier this year about some of the expenses that Christine Gregoire is having the taxpayers of the state fund. At the time that I asked none of the above could provide me an answer and processed my questions forward.

Having a report from the Executive Assistant Legal Affairs Coordinator, M. Campbell in hand questions have now come up. read more »

Letters To The Editor

Unfortunately most people forget the news as soon as they have read it. That is understandable since we are bombarded by the media constantly. Fortunately some of us keep track of elections and other related topics both past and present.

When I turned 21, I always voted but otherwise did not get involved. “Wake-up time” came when Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) ran for President in 1964 and I saw firsthand how the news media, Democrats and some liberal Republicans attacked him unmercifully. read more »

Letters To The Editor

It’s time for Sherry Appleton to go!

Pete DeBoer will be a much-needed breath of fresh air in the 23rd District, and will do what’s right for the citizens he represents — not what he’s told to do by state employee unions or the tribes. We deserve an independent voice, not a lackey. Please join me and vote for Pete DeBoer.

Scott Jameson

Letters To The Editor

I am very disappointed to think that 80,636 registered voters in Kitsap County didn’t bother to vote in the primary this August. I feel this is, or should I say was, the greatest country in the whole world to be living in. A Country many people from around the whole world gave up all they knew and had to get here, because of our freedom and ability to vote and chose their own way in life. read more »

Letters To The Editor

The Peninsula Gateway had it right when it said Derek Kilmer’s opponent and his supporters have not done their homework. Time and again they make false claims about Kilmer’s record.

As a small business owner, I’ve seen first-hand Kilmer’s leadership. He has opposed tax increases, passed laws to provide tax and regulatory relief, and worked to spur private sector job creation. In fact, he has been recognized by the Washington Economic Development Association, the Washington Restaurant Association and others for his efforts on behalf of small businesses like mine. read more »

Letters To The Editor

In this economy, there are no small luxuries. Even going out to lunch can be a line item in the family budget. Every penny matters.

I see this every day as a restaurant owner and employer. I have to prioritize every dime and maximize every resource before I consider adding something new. Unfortunately, state government has not taken this same approach with our tax dollars.

That’s why I’m voting for Initiative 1053. read more »

Letters To The Editor

Libraries are regarded as the cornerstone of great communities. I am writing to ask for your support of the Kitsap Regional Library’s Levy Lid lift. The tax the Library collects to operate the 9 branches and book mobile has not been lifted for 30 years.

Kitsap Regional Library system has served our county with an outstanding array of information services. KRL is seeking funds to improve all the libraries in the county, by restored operating hours, restoring books and materials acquisition levels and new library buildings in Silverdale and Kingston. read more »

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