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Letters To The Editor
Failure to enforce trade rules hurts US manufacturers

In his blog post “For Manufacturers, Action Speak Louder than Words,” Don Brunell makes a strong case for the important role manufacturing plays in the Washington state economy and steps Congress and the president can take to further strengthen the manufacturing sector. However, one other step needs to be added to his list: strong trade enforcement.

The failure by our elected leaders in Washington to aggressively enforce the rules of free trade has seriously damaged American manufacturers. The biggest rule breaker when it comes to trade is China. It consistently fails to play by the rules it agreed to when it joined the World Trade Organization in 2001. China continues to manipulate its currency, steal intellectual property and provide illegal trade subsidies to its companies. All the while, America has lost six million manufacturing jobs. China flaunts these rules with little consequence. Instead, its economy has grown exponentially at our expense.

Enforcing the rules of free trade is not protectionism. If free trade is to flourish and our manufacturing sector is going to compete on equal footing, trade laws must be enforced.

Matt Lyons
Vice President & General Manager
Nucor Steel Seattle, Inc.

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