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Cover Story
Cover Story
3rd generation entrepreur continues the success of Bremerton Bottling Co.

KPBJ Cover 2302: Carole Dawson, CEO of Bremerton Bottling CoGrowing up on Kitsap Lake, Carole Dawson was known to her friends as “the pop kid.” With her home always having an ample supply of soda pop — her father owned Bremerton Bottling Co. —her home on the lake was a natural attraction.

These days, Dawson in a way continues to be the grown-up version of that “pop kid.” The president and CEO of the company, which has been in her family for more than six decades, Dawson talks with passion about the many products Bremerton Bottling Co. offers, and about the people behind the scenes.

“It’s pretty simple — it’s just product,” she explains the business as she walks among rows and rows of wracks stacked ceiling-high with beverages ranging from bottled water to energy drinks, teas and sodas. read more »

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Jon Brenton’s Most Excellent Hong Kong Concrete Adventure

KPBJ Cover 2301: JB Concrete Construction works job in ChinaIt all started with a phone call. Jon Brenton, owner of Kingston-based JB Concrete Construction, saw that longtime client Scott Allen, a principal of star Seattle architects Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen, was calling. Probably wanted Jon to take a look at a new project in Kitsap County.

He was half right. Allen wanted Brenton to take a look at doing a new project all right.

In Hong Kong. China. Way out of JB Concrete’s normal territory, which does not extend much past Bainbridge Island.

Brenton, working with concrete since he was 17, has a reputation for quality work and straight talk business that has made him the go-to concrete guy for top Seattle area builders and architects, including Fairbank Construction and Allen’s firm. read more »

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Business etches a niche with artsy wine labels

KPBJ Cover 2212: Scott Schoenen, president, Fresh Northwest DesignA visit to Fresh Northwest Design in Gig Harbor is sort of like a visit to an art gallery, with hundreds of beautiful, handcrafted items displayed on shelves. Only the facility sports more of an industrial atmosphere — complete with noisy equipment and the waif of paint in the air — and the miniature works of art are actually wine bottles.

Fresh Northwest Design (www.freshnwdesign.com) specializes in etched and hand-painted labels for wineries, nonprofits and corporations, with labels for recipients ranging from several major sports teams to the CEO of Pixar, who for his 50th birthday received a bottle with etched Toy Story characters. read more »

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The state of technology in Kitsap County

Doña Keating resigned as president of West Sound Technology AssociationDoña Keating resigned as president of West Sound Technology Association at the end of October. A founding member of 9-year-old WSTA, she has been president since 2003. Under her leadership, the organization grew to about 150 members, developed partnerships with many other organizations and businesses, recruited numerous sponsors and launched several events including a successful annual summit.

Keating is credited with taking the association to a new level, as WSTA became more established as a resource and an advocate of technology as a tool for efficiency and best practices.

“True leadership requires embracing organizational change. As I shift focus to my private consulting practice, Professional Options read more »

Businesses should have contingency plans in case employees become sick

KPBJ Cover 2210Public health officials estimate that as many as 30 percent of Americans could get infected with the H1N1 swine flu this year. Add that to the number of people affected every year by the seasonal flu (which can be contracted even after having the swine flu), and the numbers could be staggering. And while one thing’s for sure — the swine flu is here — no one knows what to expect and how spread the pandemic will be.

But public health and health-care experts are not taking any chances. Locally, Kitsap County Health District went into incident command mode in September, which helps better coordinate the response and multiple tasks, according to Scott Daniels, deputy director. “One of the main differences between this flu and the seasonal flu is that we’re expecting higher illness rates with the swine flu,” he said. “It’s a novel type of virus that people don’t have immunity to.” read more »

Low Impact Development Championed by Kitsap Home Builders

KPBJ Cover 2209After years of research, meetings and discussions, several Kitsap County jurisdictions have adopted Low Impact Development (LID) techniques in their development codes, and the rest are expected to do so soon.

LID is an innovative, environmentally friendly approach to stormwater runoff management that has been used on the East Coast for many years and has been slowly becoming more mainstream in the West in the last decade. In Kitsap County, up until now developers and builders were hesitant to use LID, which is not a single method but rather a collection of techniques that can be used separately or collectively. Even those who understood the benefits were not as likely to implement the idea because using LID almost certainly entailed longer permitting processes due to the existing regulations and builders having to prove the concept at every step. read more »

Great brands are built on best-in-category customer service

KPBJ Cover 2208Pop quiz: What do Olympic College, The Doctors Clinic, Kitsap Economic Development Alliance, KPS Health Plans, and Kitsap E-Z Earth (organic fertilizer) have in common?

Answer: Bill Hoke and Patricia Graf-Hoke.

This duo, owners of Graf-Hoke Inc. marketing agency, are responsible for creating brand identities for these well-known local entities — and for many more. The couple are 30-year veterans of their industry, and in that time they’ve worked with notables ranging from the Seattle Mariners and Boeing Co. to AT&T and American Express. But their hearts are with the local community, and not only has their team helped dozens of local companies and nonprofits, they have been strong advocates for local businesses as well as the arts. read more »

Liberty Bank of Poulsbo Receives Certification

Cover Photo 2007On Aug. 3, Kitsap County’s newest bank will be officially open for public business. Liberty Bank of Washington, located in Poulsbo, had a soft opening in June for its founders/investors to help work out the bugs, and was getting ready to welcome new customers. It is the only bank to open this year so far in Washington state.

In fact, the trend of a dwindling number of new banks is nationwide — so far only 22 opened around the country, compared to almost 100 last year. But these statistics are not discouraging for the founders of Liberty Bank. On the contrary, Bill Fogarty, president and CEO, said industry consolidation will continue to shrink the number of financial institutions, which for Liberty Bank means new opportunities. read more »

National Restaurant Association Honors Igloi-Matsuno

Amy Igloi-Matsuno, owner, with husband, Grant, of Amy’s on the Bay, was recognized in May with the American Dream Award by the National Restaurant Association. The association gives the award as part of its Faces of Diversity program to restaurateurs around the country every year, honoring those who have realized the American dream through hard work and determination, and who come from diverse backgrounds.

She was one of three entrepreneurs nationwide to be recognized with the American Dream award out of about 10 finalists. The other two recipients were from Washington, D.C., and Chicago. The winners were featured in the online QSR magazine and in the Nation’s Restaurant News industry publications. read more »

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