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Cover Story: Bremerton entrepreneurs expand portfolio with Harvey's purchaseScott and Stacy Ryan are the type of entrepreneurs who are hard pressed to turn down a new idea. The couple, who own six Hallmark stores including three in Kitsap County, always have their ear to the ground for new opportunities.

Their latest one was too good to pass up. After all, it involved a well-known local business located just a few miles away from where both of them grew up.

Last December, the Ryans became the new owners of Harvey’s Butter Rum Batter, a business started in Bremerton in the early 1960s by the late Harvey Hudson. The renowned brand is a common sight at area grocery stores during the winter holiday season and is also shipped all around the country. read more »

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Kitsap Mental Health, Harrison collaborate for primary care

Cover Story: L to R: Dr. David Beck, KMHS Medical Director; Dr. Hector Reyes, Harrison HealthPartners; Joe Roszak, KMHS Executive DirectorIndividuals with severe or chronic mental illness live 20 to 25 years less, on average, for a variety of reasons including poverty and lack of medical care. Kitsap Mental Health Services and Harrison Health Partners are trying to bridge the gap in health care access for these individuals by partnering up to offer primary care.

As part of the collaborative effort, a Harrison primary care physician offers weekly appointments at the KMHS outpatient offices. KMHS staff coordinate and facilitate the appointments, and the care is integrated into the patients’ case management.

“These people have difficulty accessing care. They feel comfortable here and with the people working with them here who can help them accomplish what they need,” said Dr. David Beck, KMHS medical director. read more »

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Expansion creates place for people to enjoy chocolate and other fun fare

Cover Story: Peter Crabtree, owner, ChocMoCBC Chocolates has created a steady following since owner Peter Crabtree opened the store in Poulsbo in 2005 — while still a teenager. Last April, Crabtree topped that achievement by expanding the business into a chocolate bistro and rebranding it to ChocMo. Since then, fans have been raving about the hip coffee shop/bistro/chocolate store fusion, and many have made it their new favorite hangout in Poulsbo.

Crabtree said everything at ChocMo is still centered around the handmade chocolates, about 20 flavors in all. In addition to the chocolates, espresso and related products, ChocMo offers a menu of wine, beer, decadent desserts and light fare such as paninis and cheese samplers. read more »

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Arnold’s rises from the ashes thanks to veteran employees

Cover Story: L-R: Owners Kathy Christensen and Steve FordArnold’s Home Furnishings in Bremerton has made a remarkable turnaround after a fire started by arsonists destroyed the store more than two years ago. The business reclaimed part of the old building that remained after the fire and despite a smaller footprint, the year-old space is as vibrant as ever. Customers are welcomed by the familiar “rooms” that replicate the design of a home, as well as some new areas such as an expanded mattress showroom.

This rebirth from the ashes, however, would not have happened had it not been for two longtime employees, Kathy Christensen and Steve Ford. When owner Betty Arnold decided she would not reopen after the fire, Christensen and Ford jumped in to buy the company’s assets and rebuild. read more »

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Bainbridge Farm uses mycofiltration to protect stream and salmon

Cover Story: L-R Barbara Eddy, owner Barnabee Farm with contractor, David Godbolt, Sentinel ConstructionBarbara Eddy has had a passion for horses for many years, and about three decades ago found a way to follow that passion. She moved from Seattle to Bainbridge Island after buying land to turn it into a farm. Through the years, her passion has evolved into Barnabee Farm, where she now boards 17 horses with the help of five employees. The facility also has a trainer who offers riding lessons, and outside experts occasionally come to offer workshops.

Eddy said she’s always been environmentally conscious about the stream that runs through the property. Salmon come upstream every few years to spawn. She has made sure horses have no access to the stream, and has also installed a storm-water settlement pond and a bioswale. read more »

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Bremerton's Charleston District merchants unite for improvements

Cover Story: Bremerton's Charleston District Those familiar with Bremerton’s Charleston District may have noticed some changes in recent months. The area, dubbed the gateway to downtown, has been spruced up and beautified. Gone is some of the graffiti and old paint; parking lots have been lit up; and new events have been welcoming neighbors and community members.

“We’re rejuvenated. We’ve got a lot of energy and have 100% participation from businesses and in the past four months achieved more than we have in eight years,” said Sally Glivar, owner of Great American Furniture located on 6th Street and president of the Charleston Business Association. read more »

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Custom yacht builder bringing 50 family wage jobs to town

Cover Story 2411: Steve Yadvish, owner Northcoast YachtsNorthcoast Yachts, a builder of custom yachts, has announced that it will relocate its operations from the Port of Tacoma to Port Orchard. Owner Steve Yadvish made the announcement at a press conference at Yachtfish Marine in Port Orchard, which he also owns. He has another Yachtfish boatyard on Lake Union in Seattle.

Yadfish purchased the assets of Northcoast in 2003, and reopened the company. “Everything was in place: the yard, the molds, the reputation, and even the workforce,” he stated. “I knew we could build beautiful yachts there — the equivalent of a Rolls Royce on the water.” read more »

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Harrison operates a health and wellness center at Silverdale Y

Cover Story 2410: (L-R) YMCA Executive Director Geoff Ball and Harrison Medical Center CEO, President Scott BoschDavid George has tried various exercise programs over the years but for the past month or so, his new routine has improved his everyday living with COPD. The 68-year-old Bremerton resident has been developing new breathing techniques and building up his stamina, and has already noticed a difference when he’s outdoors fishing or performing daily tasks.

“My everyday life is better and it’s easier for me to walk and to breathe,” he said.

George has been coming in three times a week to the newly open Haselwood Family YMCA in Silverdale, working up his endurance on a bicycle and other machines under the guidance of clinical coach Aaron Norton. And while he blends in with all the other Y members trying to get in some exercise, George is actually a Phase-3 cardiopulmonary rehabilitation patient at Harrison Medical Center. read more »

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Cover Story: MAP Ltd Principals Mark Eisses, John Kieffer and Pat FuhrerSite preparation for a new construction project can be a major expense, especially when there is a lot of grading involved. Traditionally, engineers have to use a little intuition to figure out how to move dirt around a site in order to minimize dirt “import.” Property owners would get a site designed, then send it out for bids — while likely already making loan payments — and if the cost estimates turn out too high, they may send the project back to the drawing board.

Silverdale engineering and planning company MAP Ltd. has found a way around that process that can optimize the site design long before a project goes out for permitting and bidding. read more »

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