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Content is the key to social media success

There is an old story, shared by personal development pioneer and radio legend Earl Nightingale, about a fellow that said to his woodstove, “Give me heat. Then I will put in some wood.”

Of course, the fellow never did get any heat from that woodstove.

He simply didn’t understand one of the key rules of life; one must put wood in first and then the stove will return heat. As it concerns social media, far too many people expect to see positive results from social media before they have put in the wood, or in this case, valuable content.

What do I mean by valuable content? I mean posts that either add value to a person’s life by solving a problem, thereby improving their condition, or remove some pain, or potential for pain.

See, people always want their lives improved. You could say that your customers always want more. More security. More success. More time off. More knowledge. More. More. More. That is human nature.

Businesses that want to utilize social media successfully must provide their customers — or potential customers — with that opportunity for More. They do that by posting valuable content.

What exactly should they post?

Information that their target market will find valuable.A plumber should post tips about common household or commercial plumbing issues, depending on their target market. This will give the customer more knowledge. Provide your audience with how-to videos, new information, new insights.

Post specials, sales, discounts. Give them a reason for becoming and staying a fan of your page.

Share case studies on how you improved a client’s conditions. Explain the client’s situation before the intervention, share what strategies or methods you applied to improve their situations, and detail the results of how the client ended up with more.

Interview expert in your industry, perhaps a nationally known author, and share the interview with your audience.

Entertain your audience with stories, images, and videos. People enjoy and good laugh and that is providing value. Don’t get carried away with this one though.

Where does all this effort get you?

People like to do business with others that they know, like, and trust. When you provide value to your potential clients you plant seeds of a stronger relationship. When the point comes that they need what you offer, they will be much more likely to choose to do business with someone who has already provided them value. And once they are customers, they can now become powerful social media word-of-mouth advocates for you, using the reach of the Internet to spread the word about your business far and wide.

One last thing. Don’t forget that the content you provide must be of value to your TARGET MARKET. If you are sharing amazing new insights or information about your industry with only your family and friends, yet they are not potential customers, then you are not posting valuable content. That is just wasting time and effort.

(Editor’s Note: Frank J. Kenny is the author of The seven Secret Laws of Society, and is nationally recognized as a social media marketing speaker, and consultant. He leads owners and executives through the steps of growing their organizations through the revolutionary changes occurring in the business and non-profit world. Specifically, he helps businesses and non-profit organizations in their successful integration of new media, social media marketing, and modern technology. Through a proprietary project management model, he can help them to dramatically increase their sales, save money, grow their memberships, and even regain their time. Reach him at frank [at] frankjkenny [dot] com, or on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and a myriad of other social media sites, as well as at www.frankjkenny.com.)

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