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Western Coatings offers roof drain cleaning service

Western Coatings, a division of Peninsula Infrared, LLC, is now offering roof drain jetting services throughout the Puget Sound area.

“We perform a lot of roof maintenance on commercial buildings and have noticed a common trend of drain lines being plugged,” company owner Grant Furness said. “Even if the roof is maintained and kept clean, it won’t drain if the lines are plugged. With the early onset of heavy rains this fall, water buildup on roofs has been a common problem throughout the area.”

The company has acquired the equipment to clean drain lines on buildings up to five or six stories high. The process is similar to jetting a sewer line, except the equipment has been modified by Furness and his crew. “Cleaning the drain lines is an important part of a roof maintenance program,” he adds. “It can help prevent water from backing up onto the roof and entering the building, like we saw in Bremerton a few weeks ago.”

Western Coatings is a veteran-owned business. The company operates in Kitsap, Mason, Pierce, King and Snohomish counties, and can be contacted at 360-362-2299 or grant [at] western-coatings [dot] com.

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