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Selling RV fun with service and a smile

Clear Creek RV Center welcomes new faces
and catching up with old friends
Locally owned and operated for the past 30 years, Clear Creek RV Center , is one of the largest RV dealers and service centers on the Kitsap Peninsula.

Owner Paul Gurtler said he feels customers keep coming back to buy multiple units because of the “no pressure sales,” friendly customer service and being open seven days a week all year long. “We are not here to make a quick sale,” Gurtler said. “We want to create a long-term relationship.”

Gurtler changed the name from A-1 RV to Clear Creek RV Center to help people understand where they were located. On the back of Gurtler’s business cards and on his advertising is a map to help clients find the RV retailer easier. “It’s a challenge of getting the word out about our location,” Gurtler said.

With the solid foundation the previous owners had set, it was easy to keep moving forward with business, Gutler said. His teaching of customer service and creating a fun work environment is implemented by every employee and flows on to the customers.

When pulling into the facility off Clear Creek Road, one may be amazed at the wide selection available. From seasoned RV enthusiasts to the first-time buyer, Clear Creek RV Center has a unit for all. With a retailer carrying tent trailers, travel trailers, truck trailers, park models and more, and with service after the sale, customers find it easy to come back and purchase ad-ons from the parts section. Parts can range from wheels and rims, to oil and anti-freeze, to satellites and stereos.

Also available are eight service bays that will fit all sizes of RV models. Rick Anderson, service manager, has been with the company almost four years, and takes over after the sale of a unit is made. From the date of sale, through the warranty and to the time the customer purchases a new unit, Anderson takes ownership in his work with each unit. “I look at it like it’s my unit,” Anderson said. “I want it to be perfect.”

Anderson said he feels the business keeps growing from word of mouth. Because his team of service-center workers, with 152 years of combined experience, go above and beyond by making the unit as good or even better than when it came out of the factory, Anderson can be confident that when his customers are sitting around the campfire at an RV park, they will say nothing but good words about Clear Creek RV Center.

One trend Clear Creek RV Center is picking up on is families going to campgrounds together in their RVs. Customers looking for a vacation home or a smaller retirement home can pick from over 100 layouts and designs. Models are usually around 400 square feet inside and can have decks or patios attached.

“Because they can come fully furnished and are ready to use, they are becoming very popular as vacation or seasonal use homes, and also as a place for parents, mother-in-law, etc. to live on your property as allowed by local zoning,” Gurtler said.

Another popular model is the “light” trailer that families can pull behind an SUV or truck to explore the great outdoors. Gurtler likes to give advice on local state and private parks. With the diverse area of the Northwest, he said it isn’t hard for customers to find somewhere to go to enjoy skiing, desert, water or rain forests.

In the past year, Clear Creek RV Center has branched to the Internet. The company Web site, www.clearcreekrvcenter.com, is being improved and extends a hand to customers anywhere. With an online parts store and inventory listing, Clear Creek RV Center can be available to customers outside its normal business hours. “The changes will mainly make it easier to navigate,” Gurtler said.

Clear Creek RV Center is located at 11572 Clear Creek Road in Silverdale. For information on business hours and service call 692-1098.

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