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Melanie Simodi has been teaching yoga for five years, holding classes at various locations around Bremerton. But what she really wanted to see was a real yoga studio in town — so in April, she opened Dharma Yoga Center with the help of her husband, Dan, and another yoga instructor, Jane Courtney.

“I wanted to reach out to people who’ve never done yoga,” she says. “There are a lot of stressed out people right now and yoga and meditation help bring peace to people’s lives.”

Simodi acknowledges that some people are weary of yoga because of its Eastern roots, but feels that as more people understand the Eastern philosophy and how yoga can help, the more it becomes mainstream.

“You can take what you need from our classes read more »


Every Saturday, you can find Ken and his sons, along with wife Elizabeth (not pictured) cooking up some of the best Bar-B-Q you will ever eat at The Grillside Mobile Bar-B-Q. The family business is a popular fixture at the Port Orchard Farmer’s Market.For a couple of hours each week, hundreds of residents and visitors from throughout Kitsap County, wander through rows of a simpler life, greet neighbors with relaxed smiles, listen to farmers share how-to-advice and take time to smell the flowers. We are reminded, again, of the healthy benefits to the planet, mind and heart of eating home grown food and buying from crafters making foods, clothing and gifts the right way…slowly and with care.

Welcome to your local Farmer’s Market. read more »


Visitors to St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor likely have noticed the lack of something that’s very common for hospitals: noise. There is almost no “overhead paging” at the new hospital, which creates the feeling of a quiet environment.

The paging is gone thanks to a system called Vocera. Remember the cool pin-like buttons used to communicate between crew members in Star Trek? Well, Vocera’s not quite like that — but possibly as close as it gets in modern times. Worn around the neck, this communication device measures about 1 by 3 inches and weighs only about 2 ounces. It allows for a two-way communication between hospital personnel and uses natural voice prompts for commands. read more »


Mor Mor owners John and Laura NesbyPoulsbo’s MorMor restaurant turned five years old in June, and owner/chef John Nesby said the anniversary was a good occasion to review what the business has done well, and find new ways to grow.

“Our goal five years ago was to have a restaurant for the locals from the locals,” he said. That goal continues to be the primary focus of the establishment, which Nesby owns with his wife, Laura.

When the restaurant opened, one of the unique aspects was the menu that changed daily, depending on the best local bounty available on the market. That idea has since evolved into having seasonal menus with daily specials, and Nesby said being flexible is still an important part of being able to use local ingredients.

MorMor uses produce from local farmers, when possible — for example, salad greens and tomatoes come from an organic Poulsbo farm. read more »

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