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Blue Goose Tavern has more elbow room at new location

The Blue Goose Tavern in Port Orchard occupied a small building in the Annapolis-Retsil area on Sinclair Inlet for decades, but it didn’t take long to move out once the owners decided to relocate to a larger site closer to downtown.

On moving day in mid-June, it was all hands on deck as Blue Goose regulars helped owner Susie Geisler and her staff empty out the tavern and set up shop in its new location a mile away at 1604 Bay St., across from the Westbay Center.

“We closed at 2 a.m. We packed everything up, and we opened at 10 a.m.,” Geisler said. “We’ve just had some wonderful friends, wonderful customers.”

Geisler’s mother and aunt had run the Goose since 1982. Geisler’s parents owned the old Home Tavern, long closed.

“Bars have been in my family for years,” she said. Five years ago, she and her husband, Curtis, bought the business.

Everything from the old tavern, including its two shuffleboard tables, fits easily in the new 4,100-square-foot location. It has a backroom that Geisler plans to open for karaoke, amateur comedy nights and dancing. The Blue Goose also has a beer garden out in front.

Customers have a deep loyalty to the Goose and the Geislers. As they were giving the new place a deep clean and remodel, many people stepped in to volunteer their time and skills.

The old Blue Goose, near the Annapolis passenger ferry dock in an 1,100-square-foot building that dates to the early 1940s, had been a bar for decades. Stalwart patrons included vets from the Washington State Veterans Home at Retsil who walked or wheeled themselves down the “Ho Chi Minh Trail” behind the facility.

But there was little sentiment about swapping out for a larger locale.

“It’s a lot bigger than the old one, and a lot nicer,” customer Woody Stanton said. “It’s a lot more open.”

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