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New version of Café Trios back on Winslow’s east end

The couple who have reopened Café Trios on Bainbridge Island are “boat people turned restaurateurs.”

“I’m a boat captain,” Angela Veeder adds, “and my boyfriend’s also been in maritime … he’s worked on oil rigs.”

She and Michael Doctor met when they were both working on excursion boats in Alaska, taking tourists out for whale watching and other adventures.

Now they’ve dropped anchor for a new adventure in the restaurant business.

Veeder, who’s from Seattle, said her father bought the building in the Harbor Square area on Winslow Way East in 2009, after the original Café Trios became a casualty of the recession.

“The building was a family investment,” she said, “but my father’s been too busy with other business ventures to deal with it.”

So in February of this year, she and Doctor began working on the space to create their new version of Café Trios.

“We had the floors redone, and I painted the entire place myself,” Veeder said.

Their opening day was Cinco de Mayo, though Veeder said they’re still putting the finishing touches on the café.

The Trios menu includes paninis, salads, numerous vegetarian choices including lasagna, and small-plate combos. House specialties include lemon slaw and a charcuterie board, an appetizer assortment with two kinds of salami, prosciutto, cheddar, Dijon mustard, cornichon pickles, fig jam and rustic bread.

“Most of our food we make from scratch, using as much organic ingredients as we can,” Veeder said.  

The café serves locally roasted Grounds for Change coffee, mostly Washington wines, and beer from area craft breweries. 

Though the café proprietors have no previous experience, their friends in the restaurant business have been a resource for menu planning and other aspects of their new venture.

“We just have great sources and friends who have been in the industry for years, and some good family recipes,” Veeder said. “We didn’t use any consultation companies or anything like that, like some start-ups do.”

Café Trios has inside seating inside for about 50 patrons, plus a patio. It’s open daily until 7 p.m. (5 p.m. on Sundays), but the hours will flexible as they get the place off the ground, Veeder said.

The owners hope tourists and locals who are more familiar with the main downtown stretch of Winslow Way west of the ferry terminal will venture up to their new place, which is a couple blocks east of the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art at the corner of Winslow and State Route 305.


“We’re hoping we’ll start drawing some people down to the east end on Winslow,” Veeder said.

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