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What local people drive

“You are what you drive.” We’ve all heard that expression more than once. But is it true? Well, yes and no. Does anyone actually think of Sen. Derek Kilmer as a, “beat up Toyota Camry?” Most likely not. So we did a little admittedly, highly unscientific research into what some of our local business people and elected officials drive. We asked what they drove and why, as well as if they had an additional “fun” car. You judge for yourself if they “are what they drive.”

Name: Mike Lindquist
Occupation: Sales Manager at Home Appliance Contract Sales.
Daily Driver: 2001 Corvette Z06.
Quote: “I drive it because it’s the most grin-inducing car I’ve ever owned and it has very high performance per dollar. It also is my “fun” vehicle, and gets the same gas mileage as a 2008 Malibu with the V6 — as long as my right foot doesn’t get too heavy.”

Mike Lindquist and his 2001 Corvette Z06 Name: Rick Cadwell
Occupation: Principle with Drury Construction and Project Manager for Pacific Heights Construction.
Daily Driver: Ford F-250 Crew Cab 4X4 with a Powerstroke Diesel engine.
Quote: “I drive this truck because of the great hauling and towing ability. The crew cab allows me to haul up to six people, the 4X4 allows me to get anywhere, the Powerstroke Diesel gets better mileage than most gas engines, and most importantly, the “fun” aspect of this truck is that the roof serves as an elevated sun deck for my 10-year old Vizsla named ‘Elwood’.”

Rick Cadwell and his Ford F-250 Name: Doña Keating
Occupation: President and CEO of Professional Options, a technology and business consulting firm. Also President of the West Sound Technology Association
Daily Driver: Jaguar XJ6
Quote: “I love the quality of performance, comfort, and sleek design.
“Fun” Car: Range Rover HSE.
Quote: “I like the Range Rover because it has the added component of extra space and road versatility.”

Name: Senator Derek Kilmer
Occupation: State Senator; Business Retention Manager with the Economic Development Board of Pierce County
Daily Driver: A rather beat up Toyota Camry
Quote: “I was looking for an affordable car that had decent gas mileage. This was one of the cars I could find where my head didn’t touch the ceiling.
“Fun” Car: I used to drive my dad’s Dodge pick up truck. We really ran that truck into the ground.”

Poulsbo Mayor Kathryn Quade and her “Fun” vehicle —
a Harley Davidson Road King. She and husband Doug,
who has one of his own, call them their
“Vacation Transportation.” Name: Mike Eliason
Occupation: Association Executive, Kitsap County Association of Realtors
Daily Driver: 2006 Ford F-150 Quad Cab
Quote: “It’s about safety. If everyone drove a Toyota Prius, I’d probably drive one, too. Unfortunately, small vehicles are greatly outnumbered by SUVs, trucks, etc.”
“Fun” Car: “Surprisingly, our 2007 Chrysler Town and Country Touring van is very comfortable. However, I’ve been looking at the new Ford Mustang GT.”

Name: Dee Coppola
Occupation: Founding Editorial Director, WestSound Home & Garden Magazine
Daily Driver: Volvo XC90
Quote: “My husband writes auto reviews and the manufacturers give him a different car to drive every week. After trying to decide what to replace my old BMW with for almost five years. I settled on the Volvo after driving a lot of the cars he drives. It’s safe, and it fits me. I love my Volvo.”
“Fun Car: Whatever factory test car my husband is driving that week.

Jim Smalley and his Austin Healey Name: Kathryn Quade
Occupation: Mayor, City of Poulsbo
Daily Driver: 1998 BMW 228 ci
Quote: It’s a comfortable, fun car to drive; small and agile.
“Fun” Car: 2002 Harley Davidson Road King . “It’s my ‘vacation’ transportation. We love taking two weeks and riding to warmer climes. This year we are planning to visit my husband’s father in Prescott Arizona and look forward to seeing Yellowstone Park and the Grand Tetons along the way. Riding a bike puts me directly ‘into the landscape’ — ights are clearer, smells sharper, and skies bluer.”

Port of Bremerton Commissioner Bill Mahan
and his 1996 Dodge Viper Name: Jim Symonds
Occupation: Commander, Navy Region NORTHWEST
Daily Driver: 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe
Quote: “It’s economical and fun to drive.”
“Fun” Car: “The Altima is my fun car. My children are grown and married. We don’t need the room in both cars, so we got this smaller one when we arrived in Bremerton in September. It’s good looking, has very smooth steering, it’s comfortable, and it gets great gas mileage.”

Name: Jim Smalley
Occupation: Senior Vice President- Wealth Management, Smith Barney
Daily Driver: Austin Healey — Jim is a car collector
Quote: “I found the Healey in a collection and I knew the owner. I picked it as it is a very desirable car that really symbolizes British Sports Cars of the 50’s with its classic lines. It took year’s to find because it is such a rare model. There aren’t many of them left in the world but we all hope to find one or some other classic stored away in a barn somewhere. That is really what car guys live for.”
“Fun” Car: Whatever’s in the garage at his Purdy home.

Julie Tappero’s 1929 Model A Name: Bill Mahan
Occupation: Commissioner, Port of Bremerton
Daily Driver: 1995 Lincoln Mark VII.
Quote: “It is a ‘classic’ classy car that still looks and performs great.
“Fun” Car: 1996 Dodge Viper. “I bought it two years ago on eBay and had the road trip of my life when my brother and I drove it home from Las Vegas. Most of my life I have owned a sports car and decided to buy a dream car as my last one. That turned out to be a Viper.”

Name: Julie Tappero
Occupation: President and Owner of West Sound Workforce
Daily Driver: Chrysler PT Cruiser
Quote: “I chose a PT Cruiser because it’s a car with a retro look, giving me something newer that looks older to drive. The turbo, however, has gotten my lead foot into a little bit of trouble.”
Fun” Car: “The ‘fun’ vehicle in our family is a 1929 Model A Roadster Pickup street rod. My husband dragged it out of a barn in 1965 and did all of the work on it himself, so the car is very special to all of us.

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